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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch owners, how many 3rd party games do you have? (no Indies)


How many 3rd party games do you have?

Zero 29 33.72%
One or Two 26 30.23%
Three or Four 8 9.30%
Five or Six 6 6.98%
Seven or more 17 19.77%

RER 1+2
Sonic Mania

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From major publishers, Sonic Mania, Doom and FIFA 18.

None. But I thought about getting RL to smurf things up a bit. Don't know if that's worth the torture on my eyes and fingers though.

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Disgaea 5  (NIS)
Lego City Undercover. (Warner Bro)
Mario Plus Rabbids (Ubisoft)
DOOM. (Bethesda)
Dargonball Xenoverse 2. (Bandai)
Skyrim. (Bethesda)
Fire Emblem Warriors. (Koei Tecmo)

Resident Evil Rev 1/2. (capcom)

NBA 2k18 (for my stepson)  (2k)

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Are you counting 3rd party made, published or just 3rd party IP?? I've got Mario Rabbids, FE: Warriors and Puyo Puyo Tetris as far as full price games go. Got around 10 indies to go with them.

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Fifa 18 and Skyrim.

I will buy Yooka Laylee when the price drops and mayne LA noire and Doom at some point.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Ultra Street Fighter 2
The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+
Rayman Legends
Skyrim (probably not for much longer though)


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When it comes to stuff from major publishers I have Disgaea, usf2, Sonic mania, sonic forces, re revelations 2, romancing saga 2, setsuna, doom, Skyrim, mxgp3, and la noire

-Namco Museum

-Puyo Puyo Tetris

-Metal Slug

-Metal Slug 2

-Metal Slug X

-Metal Slug 3

-King of Fighters '94

-Strikers 1945

-Sonic Mania