Forums - Sales Discussion - Japan sales (Week 51): Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - December 18-24, 2017

Kerotan said:
Idolmaster spoiling the top 10 party lol.

Anecdotal evidence was badly off this week for hardware sales. Too much weight is being put on it.

just like you using comg to say PS4 will dominate Japan next year

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Odyssey seems to be almost behaving like 2D Mario game, if this continues. (I don't think it will reach the same levels as 2D mario game, but it still impressive).


Another thing to note. Apparently the Switch just passed the first year sales of the PS2 in Japan. Funny enough, the PS2 was released in Japan on March 4, 2000.

I'm totally shocked that Odyssey took the top spot. 3D Mario usually does not do this well in Japan. Is it eventually going to reach Splatoon 2?

It's so refreshing to see things actually moving impressive numbers in Japan.


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Oh, I wanted the Switch to do more than 300k but that number is good. Xenoblade is not in the top 20 anymore :( and Mario continues its slayage. Poor Atelier.

Hopefully Atelier does decent enough on the Switch for Tecmo, same with Nights of Azure 2, really want Gust co.'s future projects to keep releasing on Switch.

Nautilus said:
Hardware sales are a bit dissapointing.I was honestly expecting a 300k plus week for the Switch.But PS4 did ok.

Software sales for Switch are amazing overall for the Switch.The only dissapointing things are that Xenoblade didnt appear but shitty 1 2 Switch did.Ugh.But seeing that the lowest number at the softwares is 15k, Xenoblade might have sold the same as last week, which would be great.So ill wait for famitsu and see if it appears there.


Yeah, another 12k or even 8k would be solid for the series at this point. Here's where we're at so far (with no week 4 for XC2):

Wk Chronicles X Chronicles 2 X LTD 2 LTD
1 85586 97732 85586 97732
2 11689 19678 97275 117410
3 4236 12017 101511 129427
4 2625

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Is there a reason for a 300k week for switch?

Switch about to pass Wii U's LTD sales and it hasn't even been out for a year.

PS4 might beat 2016's numbers, but juuuust barely.