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mZuzek said:

 I think this was the best year in gaming period, so I'm happy.

I can't remember exactly what games came in what past years.  So, I can't confidently say this was the best year ever.  But, it was certainly one of the best.  Many great games, plus some awesome new hardware.  

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aikohualda said:
mZuzek said:

Odyssey wasn't ready last year... but Zelda was

Never played RDR... but if MP4 comes out next year as good as the first 2 games.. would it steal some steam from RDR 2?

I don't think so, Metroid Prime isn't anywhere near as mainstream. In any case, Prime 4 isn't coming next year, so don't get your hopes up for nothing.

Well deserved. It should take home majority of them and the the main ones in my opinion. I just started playinh the DLC.. damn its Brutal yet so delicious.

With so many great games that have released throughout 2017, it’s amazing how Zelda is able to remain in gaming conversations (not just including talk on its DLC) despite releasing back in March. Gaming websites and personnel online have mentioned talking about the game on numerous occassions over the course of the year, discovering bits and pieces of the world through their own eyes and providing distinct stories. I think that part alone makes it worthy of all these awards, not to mention as a whole, BoTW provides an incredible package and has been able to stand out despite the over saturation of open world games.

Of course, all these games that are being mentioned deserved to be discussed as GotY candidates and potential winners as well. It just shows how much Zelda was able to do to stand out like this.

With all nine "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" amiibo and The $20 Dollar Expansion Pass, this is my GOTY! It's amazing what Nintendo has done!

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Ultrashroomz said:
Me right now:


It didn't win GOTY because it's game of the gen.

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John2290 said:
Unreservedly so imo, not near as good of a game as it is made out to be

Unreservedly? Lol

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
John2290 said:
Unreservedly so imo, not near as good of a game as it is made out to be

Unreservedly? Lol

I think he's still salty that BotW has more GOTY awards than HZD.

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