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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If Sony makes a "Playstation Switch" could it succeed?


Could Sony make a successful Switch ?

Yes 25 14.37%
No 83 47.70%
Depends on many things 62 35.63%
see results 4 2.30%
Aeolus451 said:
I don't know why sony would bother copying nintendo all of a sudden but I'll go along with it. If sony supported the console with games, it will likely do well.

Yeah, vita have a lot of games

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Mr.GameCrazy said:
It would depend on how they handle it. If they properly support it and not make some proprietary memory cards like the Vita, it could do well.

Need a franchise can sell system. Nintendo have this for GBA,DS,3DS. This franchise is what save GBA. Sony will have to need something like Pokemon

The industry on a whole can only support so many development environments. There is a limit to resources, and that includes Sony's own in-house capacity to support another platform.

Nintendo's mobile and home strategy all reside under one roof and they have a 10 million unit head start.

Sony would be smarter to sit this one out, because getting thrashed by Nintendo and eating billions in losses would hurt PS4 and PS5 and drag the entire organization down.

It would fail IMO. Nintendo would fight them tooth and nail and Sony doesn't have access to some magical, secret technology. Anything they can get, Nvidia can give Nintendo an equal or better chip.

If PS has any chance of creating a portable/hybrid that plays console games, their best chance is explained in this article.

It talks about AMD's x86 Zen and ARM K12 processors being developed together with high compatibility. It also mentions a potential K12 APU, with two cores and a 'next gen' GCN arch (Vega?). The biggest thing is that this APU is supposed to be around 02w TDP, which is insanely low. If this is true it may not be all that impossible for PS to do it from a hardware standpoint. If the compatibility is there, then software shouldn't be too much of an issue either. I've been waiting to hear more about K12 after AMD went dark with it right around the time that Ryzen launched. Most recent articles I can find say K12 was supposed to launch sometime in 2017, but AMD seems to be keeping quiet.

If PS could create a PS5 portable/hybrid using K12 and have PS5 using Ryzen, with both using future Radeon GPU tech, it could work. Not to mention if they could achieve PS4 BC for all PS5 hardware.

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Possibly, if they made a portable PS3 that came with a dock for play on TV I would buy it. But in fairness the main reason would be I already have quite a few PS3 games digitally owned on my PSN account.

But if it was a whole new console so none of the games I already own would work, and anything I want to play I would need to buy again - then no, I think it would go the way of the Vita.


If they did a handheld PS3 you use portable and on TV, and your back log of PS3 games worked with it (digital only ofc) I could see that doing well.

If it was a brand new portable console, I don't think it would fair any better than a Vita.

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The only way it would work is if Sony managed to make a portable PS4, not a "PlayStation Switch".

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I think Sony said that in sense that they need to keep eye on Switch like raising competition on market, for instance on Switch price point and similar. I doubt they will release something like Switch (at least in near future) because they have have PS4 thats selling great, also seperate platform couldnt be nearly sucufule like Switch that has hole Nintendo support. Also, you cant have more powerful and in same time cheaper price than Switch for sucha a devaice, not to mentione battey life.

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Nintendo has always been the king of handhelds. I think it will definitely do better than the Vita but could hurt PS4/PS5 sales. If they shifted all their attention to a Switch rival sure but like many said I think the PS brand is synonymous with having the best TV experience especially in terms of power where as Nintendo don't need to go that route.

In a way both Nintendo and Sony are comfortable with each other's status as they both tap into markets that don't necessarily compete with each other so changing that now wouldn't be a good move and after the Vita it shows that Sony isn't a handheld company.

This thread makes me wonder which company will try the hybrid concept next. Considering the success of the Switch, someone else must've thought of trying that for themselves.

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