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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If Sony makes a "Playstation Switch" could it succeed?


Could Sony make a successful Switch ?

Yes 25 14.37%
No 83 47.70%
Depends on many things 62 35.63%
see results 4 2.30%
John2290 said:
They just need to make a dedicated VR console with everything built in and an updated headset included to go along side they're main console. No rush but I hope it happens cause VR is THE SHIT. If they can do this for under 500...or hopefully closer to 400 once VR has spread a little more into the mainstream in the next 2 or three years, I think they could sell 10s of millions of them.

I'm sure the PS5 will be built to be VR ready, with the only extra purchase being the headset itself ($200 max). I wouldn't be surprised if the DS5 plays double duty; a traditional looking gamepad that splits apart and has built in motion tracking for VR.

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I don't know why sony would bother copying nintendo all of a sudden but I'll go along with it. If sony supported the console with games, it will likely do well.

No ,it would not succeed.

I think Sony is in a funny place though. Making a hybrid will cause Microsoft to have the only super powerful machine in the market. They will dominate the high end of the market. If Sony goes after Microsoft full force then now Nintendo owns the entire low end market. So Sony is fighting a two front war here. If Sony is lucky Microsoft will continue to decline and they can knock a competitor out. Ether way it will be very interesting on how Sony will react to the Switch. This isn't like the Wii. You can't just add portability. Generation 9 will be an interesting generation.

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The only way I see a Sony handled working is if it shares the same Architecture, OS, Software, and Services as the home unit.

Sony does not have the resources to have two different platforms, with their own OS, and Software library.

If Sony makes a PS4 Portable on the 7nm PS4 chipset, they will have no problems in the mobile/portable space.

The PlayStation 5 ecosystem should have a Portable and a Home unit from the start. Let people choose how they want to engage with PlayStation. Shared library, shared OS, shared Network Services, and shared Software. Add in 5G and the ability to make it the one device that goes everywhere you go, and they will continue to expand their ecosystem and thrive for many years to come.

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The problem is that if they DO go that route, ninty will be on thier rails with probably a stronger console within a year or so, cortesey of nvidia being in the lead for powerful mobile chips(the only one who has comperable chips is apple), considering that it would take a couple years of tech to sucessfully make a backwards compatable ps4p at a round 400 dollars.

They will probably lose 3rd party exclusives to ninty since power levels will be similar.

They would be leaving MS to dominate the high end console market.

Which means, in the end, what will matter is first party exclusives. And to be blunt, ALL of sony's first party COMBINED would barely match zelda in terms of popularity, and zelda is only a 2nd tier franchise in japan. Pokemon, by itself, has ALWAYS been the MAIN driving factor in ninty's dominence in the handheld market. And sony can't hope to match that. Not when sony's ip recognition is equal to metroid at best, and metroid is arguably the weakest franchise in ninty's first party lineup.

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It certainly *could* succeed. I wouldn't bet on it though.

It seems to me that only Nintendo (sometimes) has the magic touch necessary to make something like the Switch work. They're also the only ones with the balls big enough to try, as near as I can tell.

No. They don't have the IP to push a mobile device with.

Pinkie_pie said:

Sony always produced powerful handhelds. A portable ps4 in a year or 2 isnt impossible for sony but whats the point. If the ps5 is a hybrid with ps4 graphics it would succeed but it wouldnt be as successful as a home console

Except a handheld like that will cost 450$ or 500$ at least

Lawlight said:
Think of it this way:

PS4 : sold 70M so far
PS4 with play on the go option: Will it sell less than 70M?

This way include 450$ - 500$ price and 1.5 hours at best for battery life

It would depend on how they handle it. If they properly support it and not make some proprietary memory cards like the Vita, it could do well.