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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If Sony makes a "Playstation Switch" could it succeed?


Could Sony make a successful Switch ?

Yes 25 14.37%
No 83 47.70%
Depends on many things 62 35.63%
see results 4 2.30%

No, it won't succeed.

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FattyDingDong said:

Sony has recently said that despite the fact that they have been selling extraordinary amount of consoles this holiday they cannot ignore Nintendo's switch.  Nintendo Switch is truly a very unique and intriguing concept,  if Sony were to challenge Nintendo and released their own version of the Switch would it fail just like the Vita did. Or perhaps they can learn from their mistakes and really try to push the PS Switch with strong 3rd party support.   What do you think is required of Sony to make a successful version of the Switch?   more powerful?  better online? cheaper price ? 


How are people still reading this statement out of context? They were talking about not reaching their predicted profit margins for the year because of the Switch eating into the demographic they are targeting rather than serving a different demographic.

The only way Sony is going to have a rival product is if it plays everything the PS4 can. Sony arent going to push for 2 different products with separate software streams when Nintendo clearly are moving towards a single software stream. The reality is that because Sony doesnt force its top devs to make specific games, there is in inclination by these studios to support a weaker portable device.

so if they can magically get a PS4 into a portable state, then sure they will release it. If not then no. 

Again ...

Wake me up next week when we'll get the same type of thread formulated differently plz.

Answer : No

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No because the core audience for PS will want their HD console to be the main focus. Sony will likely play it safe and do just that, making it the VITA 2.0.

The reason Nintendo pulled it off is because it is still a step above the WiiU and they put pretty much all focus on the hybrid.

A PS Switch would be seen as a step back if they gave it full focus and they would catch backlash from the media.

Nintendo was realistically the only one of the big 3 that could pull it off with decent odds of success.

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Rab said:
If they did it the same as the Switch, but with Sony's games, it will do really well I think, but I worry about a backlash from Sony loyalists if they feel the "on TV" experience is hurt in any way

I don't think it's possible to keep the couch/tv experience at the same level those fans have grown to love.

nintendo's design philosophy has never been focused on top of the line graphics or cinematic experiences and that helps them when it comes to bringing their greatest IP's to a device as portable as the Switch or any of their previous handheld devices.

Nintendo isn't giving up as much quality as most PlayStation titles would to make it work

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It may turn a dollar but it would never win. Sony should stay in home consoles.

If they made it a PS4 portable basically, able to play all PS4 games on the go, then yeah, it would succeed probably.

I think a better question is... Why would Sony do that? They don't need to; PS4 is selling great and their last handheld console was a colossal failure. They should just keep doing games for PS4, and then launch the PS5, and then PS6... There's no need for a PS Swap or PSP3.

I think it'd be another Game Boy vs Game Gear situation

Making a seperate PSP/Vita successor would be extremely dumb on Sony's part and making a portable PS4 is not possible at the moment.

However, I was thinking maybe a cheap device with improved Remote Play could possibly work. It wouldn't be a seperate hardware line like Vita is, it would simply be used for streaming PS4 games on the go.

Something like that could be a nice add-on for PS4 that wouldnt cost alot to make or sell i assume.

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