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Forums - General Discussion - What is the poorest you have ever been?

Not including when you were a wee lad.


For me, I have multiple moments that I can recollect. 


My Saabs front tire was on its second tread,  bald and I had put in multiple cans of fix a flat that was not working so I used my spare for about a month. Was a miracle it lasted that long. 


Another time I was broke and had multiple bills due. So I took that Saab to get a title loan. About a week before that happened the roof broke and would not go back down so it rained in my car multiple times. I dried it out and drove up to the title place like a rich person with the top down. They gave me a 2300 , approx,  loan for such as great looking car. A few weeks later before my first payment was due I turned over my title to them and waked home. Kept the loan with no penalty on myself. 


Another time I ran out of gas so I searched parking lots for change until I had enough to barely make it home,  then I took my wedding ring from a previous marriage to a We buy Gold store for some money. They used to be popular. 


Nothing crazy like I am sure some humans go through,  but I was interested to see others past issues. 

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When I was a lazy bum and was super active on multiple forums (6-7 forums and was active like most of the day) wanting to be a staff member (and became a moderator in some of them) and played MMO games.

Of course, I was still going to school too l0l


Thankfully I finally graduated from college, got a job in the career I studied and got married as well so I dont do dumb stuff or time consuming stuff like that anymore.

I'm financially stable with 3  fully paid off cars, a fully paid off house and very low credit debt. Only thing I have are my school loans which I can easily pay them off but I'm holding on to the money to buy a new house and a new car next year.

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Never what you would call poor. I never even had debt in my life. Coming from a middleclass single mom and not being a complete moron apparently works

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

Before my parents divorced (when I was 10-11), I'm pretty sure we were richer than average (we live in a big house with a huge garden). After that however we got on the poor side. We weren't really poor, but we were definitely below average. Now that me and my brothers are getting older, my mother can work full time again so we have more money now than a few years ago.

vivster said:
Never what you would call poor. I never even had debt in my life. Coming from a middleclass single mom and not being a complete moron apparently works

Well I feel you have to be pretty imaginative to be a poor. Rich people have no problems to solve. Need food? Just go down to the local butcher and buy some gold encrusted Filet Mignon. Need a new car? Just go down to the local Mob boss and buy one of his boosted Lamborghinis for discount. 


Poor people,  gotta google a food bank,  find a way to get there,  beg for whatever food they have,  then find a way back to your house if your lucky to have one. Once at place where you dodge the weather you then need to google how to make the "food" substance edible. Then it lol starts over again when you must find a way to get medical care for when that substance makes you sick. 

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When I was unemployed, broke, and had trouble finding work.

It was horrible! But I stayed in shape to avoid going crazy.

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It has not been easy for me. I started off in Brooklyn. My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars.

I know... my English sucks.

When I was student, I lived out of soup and some bread at lunch. I managed to cook with 4 friends so we could split the costs for eating.

I remember managing to live out of 20€ for a week at one time.

I had a toothache and had to go to the dentist, my acocunt dipped in the negative for two weeks.

I never asked my parents for financial help.

Worst was being middle class. Very thankful for what I have been given and take every opportunity I can

Never poor, but I also didn't get a car until I was 32. What a money pit those things are!

As a student I lived in a small 'apartment', 12 to a floor, shared kitchen, phone, no laundry. I ate at the university, bought cheap food and had the dollar cinema for entertainment. Yet living on my own was the life of luxury, plus it was in Amsterdam, cheap beer at the fraternity, coffee shop around the corner. I used to play games at the university after hours in the computer room.