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Forums - General Discussion - What is the poorest you have ever been?

No Car, No Job, No Money, staying at friends house with back rent due and living off of a 20lb bag of rice as my only source of nutrition for a month. I only had the rice from before all this happened and I had to eat ~ only 1 cup uncooked a day.

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BasilZero said:
SvennoJ said:

Never poor, but I also didn't get a car until I was 32.


Damn, cant imagine that lol


I'm not even in my 30s yet and that sounds rough.


How'd you manage to travel around? Bus/Bike?



I learned how to drive when I was 13, got my license and my first car when I was 15.

Bike and public transit. Much easier to get around Amsterdam that way, it's a nightmare to find parking space. I got my license when I turned 18 as that's the minimum age in The Netherlands. They let people drive at 15? I rented a car when I needed one, or took a taxi.

When I moved to Canada I first lived across from a 24h supermarket, had a bike and my parents in law helped out for anything out of reach. It didn't take long to start looking for a car after moving though. Can't cycle here half the year and public transport is very poor. On the plus side, driving a car in Canada is a lot cheaper.

Time for me to gloat about shit on the internet to a bunch of NPCs about all the shit I have because I have low self esteem and self worth.

OT: When I had no job, living with parents, in my late teens early twenties.

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Killy_Vorkosigan said:

I remember managing to live out of 20€ for a week at one time.

A lot of stories here seem much rougher than mine but I can defiantly relate to this one. 

Ten years ago roughly so 18 years old.  Was unemployed during a recession, no electricity, doing anything but sell myself to pay the bills, including not eating for a few days on more than one occasion. 

Managed to get two full time jobs working 80hrs a week.  My brother stayed over one weekend and found me asleep on the edge of the couch in full work uniform.  Apparently I'd passed out trying to take off my shoes!

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SvennoJ said:

 They let people drive at 15? I rented a car when I needed one, or took a taxi.


In the past you could get a full license at age 15 , they bumped that up to 18 years old.


But you can get a learner's permit at age 15 at the earliest nowadays - in Texas, its different in all states.


Edit: 14 being the youngest in South Dakota


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The day I was born, I didn't own or have anything of my own.

I've never been in debt so I've never owed more than I personally own in value, debt is for people who make poor choices.


Aldo driving on bald tires puts your life at risk, and every other road user and pedestrians life at risk, you're a selfish moron if you do that. 

Was poor when I first started working.

Proud to be a Californian.

After university. Good god, you think that 10-15k is a decent amount of money until you realize just how much it costs. Students loans... make me want to cry. Pretty sure I was paying onto them till last year, and even then I never ended up running my own business (helped my father sometimes, but sadly my dream has yet to come true). Anyway, I ended up in an office job, but student loans really make it hard to get a morgage. 

Anyway, things are better now. Still have a job that is meh at best, but it pays the bills.

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Slade6alpha said:
Time for me to gloat about shit on the internet to a bunch of NPCs about all the shit I have because I have low self esteem and self worth.


Dont worry bro, just quit MMOs and



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Not that extreme in comparison to some others I guess...but after college, I worked technical aide/internship jobs before starting my career. After my first position ended (temporary job), I was living off my own savings for a few months while looking for something new, which wasn't very impressive since I was only an intern before then.

I managed to get a new job a few months later...but didn't receive a paycheck for about a month after starting due to the company being disorganized as all hell. I think about a week or so before I finally got paid, I remember going into Target to buy random groceries and essentials, only for my debit card to be declined. It was the first time in my life that happened, and it was honestly embarrassing to later find out I was overdrawn on my account.

Never had an issue like that since...but I'm also long past that point in my career. Still, I'm careful to leave myself a safety net now...just in case.

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