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Do you agree with the article?

Yes, Switch will KILL the PS4! 18 12.95%
No, PS4 will remain champion! 74 53.24%
Hard to tell right now, time will only tell. 47 33.81%

PS4 is doomed and it has no gaemz


Switch will sell 200m lifetime

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StreaK said:
OTBWY said:
You sound unhappy.

Hmm, more like nervous (I'm terrified of the Nintendo guys lol)...but now more excited as I'm eager to know how the final numbers will look. 

I'm still confident that Sony will most likely win with the PS4, although by how much is what I'm most curious about. The difference may be a lot smaller than what most people might of thought the Wii U successor to be.

Great news Finally my 2 favorite console manufacturers are both doing fantastic numbers

dgboweniii said:

Gotta figure Nintendo is going to come out firing at the January direct. 

They need note-able games each quarter....  Already have Bayonetta in Feb., Let's say Fire Emblem in April, Animal Crossing in June, Pokemon in Oct....  Something like that, and maybe you get more Wii U releases to fill it all out along with some 3rd party stuff.

we also have the yoshi and kirby game already announced for 2018. should be another great year.

hunter_alien said:
Great news Finally my 2 favorite console manufacturers are both doing fantastic numbers


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Wow, that's impressive and it costed less and had insane shortages...

RolStoppable said:
Forbes contributors usually write on the level of a forum post, so meh.

Anyway, it's not like Switch success is going to prevent/stop PS4 success, so the only thing anyone could be concerned about is that Nintendo will be more successful than Sony, or vice versa.

It seems like they at least got the math right; usually, Forbes contributors are little more than well-disguised, paid advertisements or op-eds.

That is unfortunately true of their other departments, as well: if you follow cryptocurrency, certain ICOs are using Forbes articles to push their tokens.

Why would you be so upset? Are you unable to enjoy your PS4 if it isn't best-selling?


I wouldn't be too worried or concerned about that. (Especially when I own and enjoy both systems.)
I expect the PS4 to be the winner in the end. I've got it pegged for 125 million, though that may also change depending on 2018.

For the most part, the PS4 and Switch are targeting two different audiences and demographics, this is evidenced by how the PS4 is enjoying its peak year by far, while the Switch has far surpassed even Nintendo's original expectations and is off to one of the best starts we've seen from a video game system.

If anything, I expect crossover appeal between the two, because both have amassed a strong lineup of 1st party titles that would entice people to buy their systems for the first party content alone. I could see people who own a PS4 as their main console will want to invest in a Nintendo Switch down the line for two reasons: The handheld component it shares with its handheld predecessors and so they can have access to HD console level/quality Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon games. And I can see people who own a Switch wanting to invest in a PS4 so they can have access to Sony's diverse and ever-growing 1st party lineup.

I'm sure that these systems are taking sales away from one another, as would be expected from competition. But, I think that it is minimal and not significant enough to pay attention to. There's more than enough room for the PS4 and Switch to succeed simultaneously, and for Nintendo and Sony expand and grow in the market... At the expense of Microsoft.

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