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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - If Sea of Thieves Succeeds?


What will happen with Rare if Sea of Thieves is successful?

They'll make more new IPs 13 35.14%
They'll resurrect some of their old IPs 8 21.62%
They'll separate from Microsoft 4 10.81%
They'll expand into other genres 3 8.11%
Other (please specify) 9 24.32%

I think they will support the first sea of thieves and work on "Big" Game addons or they will Produce SoT 2.

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CaptainExplosion said:

Once I did a thread where we discussed what would happen to Rare if Sea of Thieves failed, considering how big this game is and how much Rare has riding on it.

Now to have a more positive discussion, I'd like to discuss with you what will happen to Rare if Sea of Thieves is successful.

I believe Rare, and for that matter Microsoft as well, will invest further into classic Rare franchises like Banjo-Kazooie or Conker, because it's pretty much common sense.

What do you think will happen if Sea of Thieves is successful?

No it's not. It's a new franchise. If it's a success, investing in a sequel or more new franchises is what is common sense.

Well, this is new.


Rare will never again be allowed to work on something that isn't Sea of Thieves related.

If it's a success then Rare will become tied to the continued success of the franchise. They won't make other games and when the SoT brand runs out of steam Rare staff will be in line at the Jobcentre.

Other Rare IP are already being considered anyway by Microsoft but they don't want Rare handling them, already we have Killer Instinct, but we know Insomniac games were approached to do a new Conker and it's likely Microsoft will keep meekly asking devs to take on Rare IP, but SoT success will have no bearing on this.

Rare is already working on an unannounced game so if SoT succeeds then the unknown game won't be canceled.

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FIT_Gamer said:
Rare will then become Poop Deck Studios and be destined to make SoT games for the rest of their Microsoft careers.

Just like 343 with Halo, Coalition with Gears and Turn 10 with Forza, if Sea of Thieves manages to catch people's attention, the studio will turn around the SoT franchise forever.

Microsoft usually amputates the studio creativity when they hit the jackpot with a games franchise.

If SoTs is successful, no one will be complaining about a SoTs 2 or continued support for SoTs 1.
Cant wait to play it.

None of those options are right.

If rare succeeds making a multiplayer online only, no story game that is locked behind XB live - you will never see anything "different" from rare ever again.

That is the holy grail of what Microsoft wants. If they can get enough games like that then you can try and justify W10 "paying" for internet.

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Supposedly rare is working on Sea of Thieves and another game. I think Microsoft is really pushing for sea of thieves to be successful because they want it to be a staple franchise like the Gears of war, Forza and Halo Franchise. I like Microsoft pushing games as a service because those games have longevity. I'm still playing Gears and Halo constantly because of all the updates. Hope sea of thieves can be another one for me.


OT: Also, banjo kazooie game will flop even though I like the game personally.

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So If MS gets a succesfull game as service they will make old single player niche games? Yes that makes perfect sense.

For rare's sake and all the fans that are hoping for some revival of old rare game, you better hope sea of thieves fails, or else they will be stuck on that single game for ever.

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