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NoCtiS_NoX said:
tbone51 said:

Yes i always use MC for everything. If i used famitsu splat2 has a huge advantage (i think it needs like 40k-50k to surpass ps4 version)


That said its fine i take the lowest possible number (in this case both dq11 ps4 and 3ds sku sold 2.5k) and compare it to splat2. (Sort of a weird way but i think personally knowing its under said number helps)

Famitsu is as reliable as MC and atleast more comparison so IMO adding it is okay.  

Going to make me do more work smh lmao ;p


Ill whip it up later, if i do help me with digital. What was digital for both dq11 and splat2 according to famistu?

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Rogerioandrade said:
OTBWY said:
Wtf is Macau City. 

I thought Macau was a Chinese province....... 

Not the city, I meant the game...

Farsala said:
GT only cares about legs at this point.

GT5 FW: 430k, LTD: 800k
GT6 FW: 200k, LTD: 590k
GTS FW: 150k, LTD: ???

GT5 only doubled its sales, but GT6 Tripled it so lets hope the same for GTS.

Plus we have a far stronger donwloadable numbers this gen, so GTS could still sell as much as GT6. Still, even if it manages 600K in Japan, IMO the boost it gave the system this week is fairly small.

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Nice week for PS4, was able to slightly edge out the Switch

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I think Mario and Zelda will be able to break 1 million mark lifetime

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Swordmasterman said:
I think Mario and Zelda will be able to break 1 million mark lifetime

Mario is guarteed. Its 2mil goal we should be aiming for.


Zelda will hit 1mil at least with wiiu sales combined

Can't really tell if GTS did above Sony's expectations or not.

NoCtiS_NoX said:
OTBWY said:
Weak sales across all. Wtf is Macau City. Next week is going to interesting with GotYssey coming out.

City Shrouded game int the Shadow. Google Translate FTW!

Can you edit that into the OP?

50k seems meh for City Shrouded in Shadow. Although, it doesn't seem to be very big budget.

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