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    Famitsu Sales: Week 14, 2020 (Mar 30 - Apr 05)

    in Sales Discussion on 08 April 2020

    Wyrdness said: boypita said: Why do you say that Blue wasn´t available at retail? Blue is a separate game like Crystal to Gold & Silver. I don´t know why the count them together though :P Because Blue wasn't available at retail it was only available via special order if you were a Corocoro subscriber you couldn't buy it in shops Blue is more a limited...

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    Famitsu Sales: Week 14, 2020 (Mar 30 - Apr 05)

    in Sales Discussion on 08 April 2020

    Wyrdness said: xMetroid said: Blue was a seperate release so it doesn't count. I think Red/Green is around 8 millions. Don't think this is going to be easy but could end up happening. AC is probably close or over 4 millions right now in only 3 weeks and the franchise is known to have incredible legs. It will probably surpass Super Mario Bros tho. R/B/G are all one entry...

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    Yokai Watch 3 data sales

    in Sales Discussion on 15 January 2019

    Hi everyone :) I was waiting for the Europe weekly sales 8th because, apart from Super Smash, Yokai Watch 3 also released on December 7th in Europe. But I didnt see it that week :/ I know it didn´t chart at all in the UK but I couldnt believe it from France. It is also known that YW3 debuted with 6K in Spain according to Resetera so I was Hoping to see it in the Weekly charts.  Now...

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    Xbox or Sega? (In terms of consoles)

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 December 2018

    Sega without a doubt :D they have huge IPs (some of them forgotten and underrated) and were always trying to innovate thereselves. I love Nintendo but my heart is and always will be with Sega ...

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    Lot of games missing in the Switch list

    in Website Topics on 06 November 2018

    Flilix said: That page doesn't get updated anymore, no games that got announced in 2018 are on there. But the PS4 list is updated :/ Anyway, thanks for the other link :)...

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    Lot of games missing in the Switch list

    in Website Topics on 06 November 2018

    Hi everyone :) I don´t know why but there are a lot of games that don´t appear on the Nintendo Switch´s list :/ For example: -Mario Tennis (1.26M) -Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (1.11M) -Labo Kit 1 (0.65M) -Labo Kit 2 (0.22M) -Labo Kt 3 (0.03M) -Captain Toad (0.46M) -Sushi Striker (0.05M) -Crash Bandicoot (0.43M)   And I can keep counting. Also on the 3DS list,...

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    How is the Switch going to sell 20M when it only sold 1.88M this quarter?

    in Sales Discussion on 01 August 2018

    They didn´t change their projection so I think it will definiteli will :) If Nintendo didn´t trust the Switch they would have lower the projection like they did back then with the Wii U (from 9M to 3M) and the 3DS (from 18M to 13M) :)...

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    Recomiendame libros en espanol

    in General Discussion on 31 July 2018

    "Más allá de Gelo" de Oesterheld (El eternauta) "El tunel" de Ernesto Sabato :)...

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    Japan sales (Week 12): Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - March 19-25, 2018

    in Sales Discussion on 28 March 2018

    I thought that Valkyria 4 launched at the same time on Switch :/ also I was expecting a better opening for Ninokuni 2, let´s see it´s legs :) Zelda at almost 1M :D <3<3<3<3<3<3...

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    Dragon Quest XI coming September 4th to PS4 and Steam - Switch 'much later', no 3DS version

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 March 2018

    I was really waiting for the 3DS version T-T I´ll have to wait for a fanmade translation and flash one of my 3DS :( ...

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    Japan sales (Week 9): Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - February 26 - March 04, 2018

    in Sales Discussion on 07 March 2018

    Busters 2 out of the top 20 T-T...

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    When will 3DS owners migrate to Switch, and in what capacity?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 January 2018

    I still don´t have a Switch, I´m waiting for something huge (of my taste) to be released hopefully this year or at least announced :) I´m talking about: -A main Pokemon, -Yokai Watch, -Golden Sun, -Final Fantasy V & VI remakes, -Bravely Third and -Warioland. Also I have a huge backlog of 3DS games and also waiting for -The Alliance Alive, -Yokai Watch 3, Busters and Sangokushi,...

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    "sales" in the webpage

    in Website Topics on 04 January 2018

    TalonMan said: We're getting there, guys - everybody hang tight. Getting the database up and running was just the beginning. It was a HUGE undertaking, just getting it this far - and once we get it all buttoned up and the rest of these issues sorted our, we'll be making A LOT more improvements, I assure you... :) Thanks for all the hard work :) :D...

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    "sales" in the webpage

    in Website Topics on 03 January 2018

    Ka-pi96 said: shikamaru317 said: I assume you're referring to the recent change in the game database when you search for a game? You can still see the sales for the individual platforms, but the total for all platforms seems to be gone now. The total for each platform is above the first 10 weeks in the sales history table once you click on an individual platform for that...

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    "sales" in the webpage

    in Website Topics on 02 January 2018

    Hi everyone :) I would like to know how do I have to do to see the actual sale number of a game in the new format of the page :/   Not just the first ten weeks because if the release date of the game is different in Japan from Usa you can´t actually see the Usa ones :/ ...

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    Japan sales (Week 51): Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - December 18-24, 2017

    in Sales Discussion on 27 December 2017

    US&UM at almost 2M (1,985,852M) and Yokai Watch sold as much as the week before :) I´m loving the Switch´s games numbers ...

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    Pokémon Crystal to hit 3DS on Jan 26

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 December 2017

    Why don´t they give us a retail release too? :( Also the Pikachu New 2DS XL is coming :)...

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    Why is German pop culture less popular worldwide than American, British and Japanese?

    in General Discussion on 14 December 2017

    I love Sandra, she was huge in the 80´s and mid 90´s :) Also Enigma :D ...

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    Who will win December

    in General Discussion on 25 November 2017

    Switch :) but just because i want it to win :P...

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    Famitsu: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon sold 1.2m units within first 3 days in Japan

    in Sales Discussion on 22 November 2017

    AlfredoTurkey said: Shikamo said: Persona Q2 will launch for 3ds next year. I guess I was too vague lol. I meant something like Pokemon, Zelda... something with massive WW appeal.  boypita said: It is in Japan :) See above response lol. The thread´s about Japan that´s why I said Yokai Watch :P But if you mean WW then maybe The...

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