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    Can we agree Nintendo should go third party, now?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 June 2020

    Should Apple start selling OSX for anyone to install on their PCs? Never. It would be cool if they did, but it will never happen. It would dilute their brand power, and sales. ...

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    Nintendo's Switch output: Why "HD Development" isn't an issue

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 October 2019

    The New Microsoft is focused on Azure and doesn't need the Xbox brand, if it even is profitable. It doesn't even need Windows at this point, although that (and Office) is still profitable.Microsoft is not in the race anymore. They have all the money they need. There's no incentive to make Xbox a platform for high-quality content. ...

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    UK: Link's Awakening has the best Switch launch of the year; first Zelda game to make #1 in 16 years

    in Sales Discussion on 24 September 2019


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    Predict Pokémon Sword/Shield's End of 2019 Shipment Total

    in Sales Discussion on 01 September 2019

    Think of the merchandise they'll sell over the years. Pokemon is an amazing cash machine. ...

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    I have 5G internet now

    in General Discussion on 29 August 2019

    ArchangelMadzz said: I get what you're saying. Just saying that those kind of connections (whilst on the top end) have been achievable on 4G LTE for quite a few years. And 5G speeds you expect to see 300-1000 and even higher than that if you're next to a node. His speeds show the issue with 5G that unless Nodes are around up the ass in your area you're just not gonna...

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    I have 5G internet now

    in General Discussion on 29 August 2019

    ArchangelMadzz said: That's not really great for 5G. That's 104 mbps. 4G LTE can theoretically go to about 150. A good solid 5G connection can get you 30+ MBps on steam so you must be quite far from a 5G Node or have obstacles in the way. If he's just getting off a 1-3mbps rural connection, he's probably very happy with what he's got. I can get gigabit internet here, but there's no...

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    I have 5G internet now

    in General Discussion on 29 August 2019

    Feels good when you finally get off those neolithical copper/satellite ISPs. ...

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    SUPER EXTREME BOLD PREDICTION - Switch will sell 30m units in FY 2019 (April 2019 - March 2020)

    in Sales Discussion on 25 January 2019

    Well, if it had 4-5 amazing AAA games released this year, maybe 25. And some incentive to buy the online thing, like something actually decent, not nes games. Splatoon 3, another aaa mario, another zelda, animal crossing, and something else....

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    Japan-Prediction: Which west-game will sell better, Spiderman or Red Dead Redemption2?

    in Sales Discussion on 19 October 2018

    RDR2 doesn't have this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1PePr8hAsc...

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    All the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games [Updated for June 29, 2017]

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 August 2018

    If infinite undiscovery and magna carta 2 could work, that would be lovely. :|...

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    Nino kuni 2 sells 900k on ps4 + PC!

    in Sales Discussion on 25 May 2018

    RolStoppable said: So you think this is a Level-5 RPG? The kingdom building is really boring, I don't know if it's their specialty or whatever. :|...

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    How often do you eat rice ?

    in General Discussion on 21 May 2018

    I'll pick "ralery", since that's a choice....

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    Anti-spam Measures - Deployed

    in Website Topics on 21 May 2018

    Thanks for doing this....

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    Are you receiving NSFW private messages?

    in Website Topics on 12 May 2018

    Bristow9091 said: poroporo said: And did you report the user back then or PM a moderator to get them banned? That's the only way we can get them all, it's also why I made this thread, to make it easier, people can just post the bots' profiles here and we'll deal with them. I'll do so in the future. Good to see that someone's actually taking care of this site....

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    Are you receiving NSFW private messages?

    in Website Topics on 12 May 2018

    First one I got dates from 11 February, 2010 Good job catching up on those after 8 years. Also, those comments telling me how to get lots of money? You can clean those up too....

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    PS4: Ni No Kuni 2 Review (Easy Allies)

    in Sony Discussion on 19 March 2018

    Yesssssssss Not watching the trailers/reviews, jumping right into it. ...

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    State attorneys general line up to sue FCC over net neutrality repeal

    in General Discussion on 17 December 2017

    Gamer147 said: Oh government regulating internet is bad guys. You want smaller government not bigger. You forgot /s...

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    My prediction: PS4 will outsell Switch lifetime

    in Sales Discussion on 12 December 2017

    Voted Xbox One....

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    Snow: yay or nay?

    in General Discussion on 11 December 2017

    bananaking21 said: Yaaaay And anybody who says nay is a psychopath! :(...

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    Japan sales (Week 43): Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - 23rd- 27th of October 2017

    in Sales Discussion on 01 November 2017

    Here comes city shrouded in shadow Macau City again ...

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