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Weed and music

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Bristow9091 said:

Oh I have a HUGE library of music, that was just an example, some days I may be in the mood for something completely different like Passion Pit lol.

Yes, I'm a big comic fan (Huge, actually, lol), although I'm pretty much caught up with all the shows, aside from the latest seasons of Arrow and Flash, along with Iron Fist and the Defenders Netflix series', keep meaning to watch them at some point, but never find myself in the mood to actually do so. A show I do love watching and really hope they'd put the next season on Netflix though, is Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it's one of those shows I can easily watch over and over, along with stuff like Scrubs and HIMYM. 

There is a park rather close to me, but it's basically become a nesting ground for drug addicts and hooligans, also known as chavs lol, someone actually got raped there last month, my area is not a safe one... shame really since it's a lovely park too, even has a lake and a climbing rock, but man there's no way I'd ever walk around it on my own, and I don't have anyone to walk along with, not on a regular basis anyway, due to work schedules and stuff.

You seem to have a similar taste in TV to me, seeing as those TV shows that you have listed I like too.
The IT Crowd (UK) is an excellent British comedy that I find I can rewatch quite often. Black Books is quite good too.
For what its worth, I enjoyed Iron Fist despite the negative reception.

It is a pity that the park near you has been reduced to such a state.
Perhaps something like Yoga would work? I mean, you can do Yoga in the comfort of your own home, it keeps you fit, and it certainly helps to relieve stress. It does all these things without throwing you into an intimidating exercise regime.

I noticed that you posted elsewhere on this thread that you usually attend music festivals, however, this year you unfortunately miss out due to work. I would suggest, if feasible, to take the week off and go somewhere that is different from the norm. For example, go to the beach and enjoy some alcohol and quality reading by the shore. Find something that you will find appealing for that week you take off. It sounds like work keeps you busy, so make the most of the time you have off. I hope that what I am saying doesn't come across as being too preachy haha.

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... I play games. There are times all I think about is just sitting at home away from everything and playing games, doesn't matter which one I'm on at the time but games.

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Why not just hang outside? Meet some new people. Go for some Starbucks. If you're single, try online dating. Especially asian dating sites. Some very friendly people there.

Staying home all the time can make you depressing. That's what I found out about myself. So at least once a week, I try to go out somewhere. Be it coffee or a restaurant. And I look for ways to chat to people. I hope this helps you. I've been in a similar situation.

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

Usually I'll kick back and watch some youtube (a fan of documentaries in particular, they seem to have a chill, calming affect for me a lot of times), listen to some music I like, sit outside with a cigar (though I've been trying to cut back on that lately), drink (see previous lol), go for a walk or jog, workout, play a mindless/relaxing video game, read, listen to an audiobook


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Play video games, debate with people (I know it's odd), read books and sex/masturbate.