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Wave 3 track selection seems pretty good from what I saw. Looking forward to it!

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I'm just glad I can play Mario Kart Tour tracks without having to get Mario Kart Tour.

gtotheunit91 said:

I'm stoked for Maple Treeway!!! Once DK Mountain hopefully gets added, I'll be complete! 

Nice, really excited for this - just in time for the holidays!

Raven said:

Wave 3 track selection seems pretty good from what I saw. Looking forward to it!

I mean, how could it not be ? It has the best rainbow road track in it's selection, Merry Mountain and Maple Treeway in the selection + another interesting remake of one of the Super Circuit tracks !

At least now, having another 8 tracks to play in the online will make just make it even more interesting for better rollouts of tracks without playing too much of the same ones in any given session.

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Also, forgo my absence since the days of the site being hacked hahaha. In earnest, I simply wanted to complete Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Live A Live and other important IRL stuff before coming back here.

(Just in time to make my Top 50 list of all time for Mzuzek thread hehe)

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Been playing through Prodeus on Switch at the moment, and it's a blast.

It's like one of those fake video games in movies that are meant to show how evil and bad for kids games are, everything from the violence to the soundtrack feels designed to parody the moral panic over games like Doom.

Technically it's very low res and chunky, but that kinda makes it feel more authentic as its meant to be emulating a game from the 90s.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land alongside Bayonetta 3 on sale for $45 at Amazon NA.

Both Physical.

I'm guessing digitally it'll go on sale next year or so.

Mugen Souls JRPG from PS3 on Switch

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core launches on Switch December 2022 look at those graphics

This movie is now looking even better!! ^^