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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Predicting the Nintendo Switch revision!


Switch Revision arrives:

2017 1 1.37%
2018 22 30.14%
2019 37 50.68%
2020 8 10.96%
No revision 4 5.48%
Other 1 1.37%

3DS XL released a little more than a year after the original launch, so a revision <20 mos. is possible or fall 2018.

A big question is about the chipset of Switch. So many reports about "20nm not catching on as a standard node, 16nm was the real next step, it will cost Nvidia more to produce on the old fab/trying to clear inventory giving Nintendo a sweet deal on their X1 chip" etc etc etc...when will the shift to X2 (more power efficient and 50% faster) be officially made?

I expect Switch Lite/mini to be the first revision. "Lite" not only in regards to size but features as well. with a smaller model, there will be no joycons. The controls will return to a more comfortable layout as you see with the pro controller; the direct top/bottom button layout was necessary due to individual joycon play. This also means no dock, that will be sold separate and expect a 2.0 design similar to the one from Nyko . I expect this model to pretty much look like a Vita.

Same chipset should take advantage of the gains and get an XL or MAX model (same physical size but bigger screen via shrunken bezel) in 2019. Question is , will the screen be 1080p (max performance at all times) and will the battery life perform similar to the launch model? On top of that, the original Switch should get phased out as well unless they just stick the new chips in those old, fat bezel switches...The XL/MAX will be very popular, so Im not sure if they even keep the oddball 6.2 inch model around.

Nintendo has an extensive history with portable redesigns, and I expect more HW variants than ever now with NVidia as their partner.

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Einsam_Delphin said:

I believe the bezel is necessary to fit the Joy-Cons, so the most you can hope for there is for a bigger screen size to take up that space. This is also why I don't believe we'll see a Switch Mini or XL since the Joy-Cons wouldn't fit.


That's basically what I have in mind, yeah. This random mockup I just found is how I imagine it would look:


Also agree about a Switch Mini being unlikely because of the Joy-Con, but who knows really. I certainly wasn't expecting the 2DS or the New 2DS XL to exist, yet here they are =P

It will have different joy-con colors...... maybe a slighter better battery life.... and will be bundled with a game. That´s all.

XL version in 2019 is my guess

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IkePoR said:

Nintendo can't keep the little guy on store shelves, yet someone's predicting they'll revise it next year?  

Well I'm hoping they do.  I'd really like to get to some of the exclusives they have coming up.  The thing is, the design is too flawed for my tastes at the moment: the battery, storage, online(friend codes in 2045?) and a few other smaller things just aren't up to par for what I'd be paying for.

That said, when do you expect a Switch revision?  How do you think they'll change it up?  I'm hoping all the issues I listed are resolved, as well as elimination of that damn 4 inch thick bezel.

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I'd say a Switch XL in Spring or Summer 2019, after a Switch price cut.

Switch XL would keep the original $300 price tag. XL will be same form factor, but much smaller bezels for larger screen, updated more efficient cpu, extended battery life (hopefully an extra hour of play), plus more RAM - perhaps 128GB instead of 32GB. This would be the premium Switch a lot of people wanted out of the original Switch.

Holiday 2020 we'll see a Switch Mini. No joy-cons, smaller screen, smaller form factor, $180. Marketed as a replacement for the 3DS line, which by then will be out of production.

they're going to need one, they need to reduce cost on that damn thing.

It'll be Christmas 2018 or sometime in early 2019.

Also, Friend Codes were an issue on Wii because you had to add friends with different codes for each game as well as the OS. With Switch, Friend Codes are merely one of the options to add friends, and it is a one time thing and then they're friends in every game. For the most part, you can any player you play with online to your friends list, or add people from your recommendations list based on interaction between your friends list on Nintendo accounts including previous hardware and mobile apps, and soon social media (if not already).

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pretty soon... Nintendo Switch XS.....

so two line... regular and XS.... simultaneous production so better supply for the people


There was about 15 months between the DS and DS lite and it wouldn't surprise me if the revised Switch comes out about 12 months from now.

I see it smaller than current Switch though without removable joycons but still dockable for the big screen output. It won't have the table top leg it will be more a dedicated handheld with superior battery life. I think it will be cheaper, and more popular in Japan. More like a 5.5" screen or possible smaller.

I think the current size of the Switch was forced on Nintendo by necessity but it is not the size they want to be it.