Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Konami thinking about other potential Switch games, knows about Castlevania interest.

A new 2D classic Castlevania would be amazing. A new 2D Metroidvania would be amazing. Hell, even a collection would be a start. Either of those three scenarios would be a day 1 purchase for me.

Just don't give me any of that Lords of Shadow bullshit.

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Bring Suikoden to the Switch and I'll love you again.

Please a Lords of Shadow remaster, that game was sick!

Virtual Pachinko game for the switch confirmed


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My wish would be a new 2D Castlevania, a new Contra, a new Gradius or Metal Gear Solid V. In that order.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

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BraLoD said:
NATO said:
Psst, Konami, fuck off and die you dodgy bastards


Shit is getting lit here !

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A new 2D Castlevania or Contra would be amazing.

KLXVER said:
A new 2D Castlevania or Contra would be amazing.

This guy gets it :)

Bomberman did really well so that was nice

Not really interested in Castlevania, but would be nice to see that series make a return

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Turtles in Time would be sweet.