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Who is the sexiest Nintendo girl?

Samus 273 48.06%
Krystal 15 2.64%
Twintelle 67 11.80%
Tharja 115 20.25%
Candy Kong 19 3.35%
Urbosa 21 3.70%
Other (Please specify) 58 10.21%
leedlelee said:
So nobody's going to bring up Birdo???

We're not fully sure about him, I mean her, or whatever Birdo would want people to use.

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I've always been partial to Samus myself.

Tiny Kong of course.


Samus is my favorite character, though I personally find her more badass than "sexy," necessarily (though Nintendo has always liked to parade her around a bit). I think the sexiest Nintendo character is Zelda, actually. 

True form Midna. Zelda from BotW also has an ass of perfection!

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MMmmmm ... I'm not sure ... there's too much choice in this endless pool of boobs and ass !

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Twintelle looks delicious

Samus, Tharja and Twintelle

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