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Which control scheme will you use for ARMS?

Motion Controls 111 77.08%
Traditional Controls 33 22.92%

For sure, don't see why not. Best to punch someone in the face with your own arms than with buttons. Unless the motion controls aren't good enough, which I doubt, motion are the way to go.

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Yeah. It kind of seems like the game would be dull otherwise.

monocle_layton said:
SonytendoAmiibo said:
I will gladly fist those Joy-Cons good. 



Because the Joy-Cons fit so well in my hands. Nothing else was implied.


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If it requires a crazy amount of waggling around, I'd rather not, but I'll give it a shot.

I am using tilt controls.

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I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't play with the motion controls except when you are out and about and playing in purely handheld mode. I mean motion controls aren't needed for every type of games, but there are a good amount of genres where they are vastly superior to normal controls and Arms is very obviously one of those games. I honestly hadn't even considered the possibility of playing this game without motion controls, though obviously in the back of my mind I knew a normal control scheme would be available.

I'll definitely try it out, since I was happily surprised how well the motion controls were for Splatoon, but if it's like Wii Boxing, then probably not :p

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I would probably try both... although I've grown skeptical of motion controls.
Also, the music is SO kickass. Damn.

Every person to get a preview I've seen has said that they preferred the motion controls if the topic comes up (such as the recent Digital Foundry vid), which is something I never see any reviewer claim.

With that in mind, I'm definitely going to try it out; supposedly the motion controls are absolutely spot on and feel completely natural.

This game actually reminds me why I was so intrigued by motion controls in the first place with the Wii. Honestly can't imagine not using them for this one.