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Which control scheme will you use for ARMS?

Motion Controls 111 77.08%
Traditional Controls 33 22.92%

As I'm overall not a fan of motion controls I'm of course going to try playing the game with the Pro Controller. However it's possible this'll be another Splatoon scenario where motion controls for once in their life are actually superior to traditional controls. Though Splatoon's motion controls are just for aiming and the game otherwise plays traditionally, whereas ARMS is controlled almost entirely by motion. Moving, punching, blocking, and grabbing are things that'd be done a bit faster and more reliably with sticks/buttons, but we don't yet know how you're supposed to curve punches with conventional controls. I see this being where motion controls excels and makes them worth using over standard. We'll find out for sure next week!

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No. If I do end up getting it and playing it, I will not be using the motion controls.

I will try motion controls first like how it's meant to be played but if i dont like it then i will change to traditional controls

yes - I played it before launch and it needs motion control!


I will gladly fist those Joy-Cons good. It's already confirmed several times that trying to use traditional controls will leave you severely lacking.


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I'll at least try the motion controls. I hope traditional controls are still as effective.

Yes, it is the first time in awhile, I say yes to this.


If they're good, sure.

Of course, is designed with that in mind and everyone says is very fun to play it that way.

There's no way on gods green Earth that I'm using motion controls.

Well, this is new.