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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - I'm just curious - how many have seen a 360 RROD?

I've seen it at my friend's house and one at K-mart.

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Ive seen many at best buy



My personal X360 (Dec 06 model purchased in May 07) RRoD'd September of last year. I have about about 5 irl friends with 360's and none of theirs have ringed yet. One is still on his launch unit but the others are all recent models (HDMI units)

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To be honest, 2 of my friends got RRoD, the rest bought an intercooler soon after lol, and I've seen my local Gamestop got RRoD with 3 xD one of those was a Halo edition.... all of this in less than a year :/

I've seen 2. A friend's and one at wallyworld (Walmart).

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I had one - sent it to microsoft and got it fixed.
But I was still worried about it so I sold it and got a newer one.
Haven't had any problems with the new one.

My XBox360 got the RROD a little over 3 months after I bought it. I sold it to my friend, and he got a RROD a couple months ago (which I saw).

I had Rrod 3 times and every time i sent my 360 for repairs i got it back in less than 2 weeks, the last console i got (6 weeks ago) doesnt sound as loud as the previous ones i wonder if they installed the new board or whatever in it? it also seems to be running cooler as when i put my hand behind the console the air coming out doesnt feel as hot as i remember from my other consoles, i just hope the last console i got finally works because if it fails as much as i love halo and gears of war i'll be done

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i have seen 3 with my own eyes. 1 was a friends, 2 were display models at stores

wait...does the one that everyone saw on the internet during GDC count? The one in microsofts booth?