Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Jim sterling gives Mario Kart 8 Deluxe a 9/10.

Did almost everyone here just repeat the same joke or are some people actually serious?

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It's so cute how he pretends to like Nintendo.

Anfebious said:
Nem said:
Oh noes!

This guy doesnt know what he is talking about! He is just one reviewers between many, he hates Nintendo, etc.

Yeah... Nintendo fans.

Yeah no kidding... Nintendo fans... ewww. What a bunch of disgusting people.

I'm pretty sure he'd give Nintendo fans a much higher score than BOTW.

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Personally I would much rather have my Zelda HOTW than my MK8D. All because of dat durability on weapons, and dry bones?

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What a fucking troll, he should have given it closer to 90 like the rest of the reviewers... out of 10.

But yeah I agree with the snippet on here, the game is damn hard to put down and with the switch, putting it down is normally just into the dock to charge for a while as I do other things and then pick it up again to resume play.

Coming from a person who missed out on the WiiU console altogether I have to say that MK8D is just phenomenal for the content in it.

The music is just so damn good too, think it's some of the best music in a MK game if not a Nintendo game to date, just wish there was an easy way to listen to the tunes in game rather than going into time trial mode

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

I'm sure it's already been stated, but it's highly ironic that the same guy who gives one of the best games of the last couple decades like a 7, and gives a port of a Wii U game with content the original Wii U version should have had from the beginning, a 9.

There are 10 Nintendo Fanboy reviews for every Nintendo hater review like this. By the way he'll just play the "reviews = Opinion card" and he's not wrong at all.

forest-spirit said:
Totally did that just to troll Zelda fans.

This :p

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Paperboy_J said:
It's so cute how he pretends to like Nintendo.