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Forums - Politics Discussion - ISIS is collapsing, war will end in 2017?

Throwback Thursday - when CNN, BBC et al. used children to push for more war in Syria:

She was even asking for a third world war in perfect English...

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There are still many issues that will not be addrssed by the terrorist groups defeat

1) Having control over much territory now, the Kurds are very unlikely to reliquish it to Iraq or Syrian. They are effectively already their own state, but its equally unlikely that Iraq or Syria will accept this Turkey certainly won't.

2) Speaking of Turkey, correct me if Im wrong but the dark green patch in the OP map in the top left betwene the 2 kurdish areas, that is occupied by Turkey. Syria and Turkey could quite easily come to blows over that is Turkey are reluctant to leave.

3) Despite the call to return, most refugees won't. That will leave Syria in particular whivh a hugely war-ravaged infrastructure with a vastly reduced population to try and aid the recovery. There won't be much progress anytime soon.

3) The terrorist group may be defeated by other rebels are still active and dug into. These included the free syria alliance as well as other islamic terrorist groups. The war will continue.

Close footage of Russian&Syrian troops in the desert fighting the remains of ISIS.

If you think the fall of ISIS means war will end then you don't quite understand how the world works.

And just like that ISIS gives up... no more money, no more mercenaries.

Last Isis fighters in Raqqa broker deal to leave Syrian city – local official

Militants including foreign fighters negotiate deal to withdraw as they run out of ammunition after three-month battle

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Hahaha! Good!

They're definitely a lot weaker now, they lost control over their territories, but they will keep existing as a normal terrorist organisation. The problem is, ISIS isn't well organised, it's not like an army that you can just defeat. Their 'soldiers' are just normal people. We don't know their identities, so they can just disappear in the masses whenever they want. And when a new terrorist organisation rises, they can simply join again.

Merry Christmas and ISIS is WASWAS.


Is is also reported that Obama and Hillary did in fact arm ISIS.

"The weapons and ammunition were originally purchased by the United States and Saudi Arabia, and then distributed to rebel groups opposing the administration of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. While the U.S. claimed to be fighting ISIS, the fact is that ISIS was one of the Syrian rebel groups opposing Assad, and as the report noted, nearly all of their weapons came from those purchased by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia."

War has changed. It's no longer about nations, ideologies, or ethnicity. It's an endless series of proxy battles fought by mercenaries and machines. War - and its consumption of life - has become a well-oiled machine. War has changed. ID-tagged soldiers carry ID-tagged weapons, use ID-tagged gear. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities. Genetic control. Information control. Emotion control. Battlefiled control. Everything is monitored and kept under control. War has changed. The age of deterrence has become the age of control...All in the name of averting catastrophe from weapons of mass destruction. And he who controls the battlefield...controls history. War has changed. When the battlefield is under total control...War becomes routine

Finally they were eradicated. Thank you Russai that we won't have to see yet another country completely collapse in the same way as Lybia did a couple of years ago. Hopefully they will show more interest in resolving international issues with their military to back them up

Slava Rossiya, slava Putina!

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