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Forums - Politics Discussion - ISIS is collapsing, war will end in 2017?

numberwang said:

The Al-Qaeda (the white on the map) is smaller than I thought, how long can they endure?

With the various other rebel groups (the green around them), allot. At least they have for years.


 They certainly shouldn't be underestimated.

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aLkaLiNE said:
Mar1217 said:

Wouldn't the eradication of the human race be the only good solution ? Cuz as humans, we're fundamentaly always in conflicts with other people ideals and some of us respond in a  violent way which translate to war.

No, I don't think so at least. I think a lot of problems around the world stem from the illusion of wealth and what we are taught to value and how we are taught to value it. It seems like technology is only accelerating mans rapid downfall as we have been given more mediums of "entertainment" which as we know it today is largely a perpetual loop of conceitment and greed and selfishness. We idolize people for the wrong things, we watch tv shows that are sexist or racist or make jokes at the expense of others yet turn around and play victim once the barrier between media and reality is removed.  Its all deliberately backward to me. I don't think it's too late for humanity to correct its course, it just takes a powerful idea and a generation to stand behind it. We may only reach that point on the brink of total destruction but who knows. War is perpetual though. That's not gonna change until the world leaders change, or until we change.

Hence why we have such different ideologies which split people even more further from their own peers and subsequently create conflicts among ourselves for such reason as our political or socio-economic opinion. It gets even worse when you're struck by a cognitive dissonance cuz some people will get lost in all that and you know that there's some dishonest people waiting for these occasions just to brainwash some of them into their belief which can ensue more hate between ourselves and at the end of the spectrum,  war is waiting in a corner.

Of course, it's not too late for humanity to redeem itself but as you said it will probably happen when we're around the precipice, lucky us, we'll probably be there when it'll happen.

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Anytime you have a bunch of uneducated borderline mentally challenged nut balls grouping together for some half baked cause it's only a matter of time before it falls apart.

Trump is reversing the Obama/Clinton policy of regime-change in the middle east: Assad can stay now.

Terrorism will only end with stability. When the middle east stabilizes with a government and the people themselves create their own destiny instead of Murica interferring

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Capitalism is the answer to Terrorism. America and Europe must become more Capitalist and Terrorism can be defeated. Be a Capitalist, not a Terrorist!

IS will eventually fade, but there's always someone ready to take over, IS are themselves mostly leftover radicals from Saddam's Baath party. According to the Kurds though, IS have indeed lost most of their footing in previously held territories, in no small part due to the Peshmarga pushing from several sides.

Humans doesn't look the same,therefore wars won't end.

OdinHades said:
Nothing will change. If you want to stop terrorism, you have to fight it at its root. Which would be Saudi-Arabia and Qatar in this case. But we wouldn't ever fight them or even have an argument about something. Because they are our "friends". Western politicians criticise Putin and Erdogan all day because of human rights, freedom of press and all. And don't get me wrong, those dudes give more than enough reasons for criticism. But in Saudi-Arabia things are way way worse in each and every regard. Women don't even have basic human rights there, people are getting slaughtered for no good reason at all, freedom of press is non-existant etc. Yet you see very VERY few politicians ever criticising that country.

I could rage all day about that topic, but everything has been said often enough by now. But whatever, war will go on, there are forces that want the war to continue because they profit heavily from 

Man what you said is crazy.... you seem to be misinformed ...ISIS is a result of the mess USA left in Iraq... like Alqaeda was created by USA to fight against Russians in Afghanistan. ..

Only beginning as thousands of them make it back to Europe for the next 50 years of major terrorism and mass rapes.