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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Hottest Female Game Character

If I really had to narrow it down, I'd say Prier.

Though if I had to admit it, I'm not a fan of the game she's from.  Couldn't even finish it.  I've always hoped they would make a new game or maybe even remake La Pucelle in a more Action or Turn Based engine.  Either one would fit the story and characters much better in my view than a Tactical RPG, seeing as most of the battle animations and emphasis of battle was about direct action and attacking.  Yet it felt very limiting as you were suppose to plan out everything to get a pattern of 'grids' to set off chain reactions to trap monsters and kill things 'tactically'.  Though I understand Nippon Ichi focuses on that genre and that type of gameplay.

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Mad Moxxi

Cant find a good picture of Lilith

Virtual Valerie gave me some good times back in the days. I know she's not the most beautiful, but the sex was great...

Come on guy, Morrigan from darkstalkers win for sure. First she REALLY hot. Second she can morph into any girl ! She can look like , zelda , kos-mos , tifa whatever you want !


Also, she really open minded

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Zero Suit Camus

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buzzard said:
Zero Suit Camus

Yes great philosopher, just this semester I've read his Le Mythe de Sisyphe.

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