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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Hottest Female Game Character

she is the bitch.

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spurgeonryan said:
No I meant the N64 version. You sicko!

Oh... so... this is your choice then?:



Yeah, that's also an... excellent choice...

Tie between Lightning and Liara T'Soni for me. Something about females that teeter along the boundary of tomboy and feminine is quite attractive. Granted Liara was a bit of a Mary Sue in ME1.


Kai Master said:

The cute Japanese Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury

I remember this one from someone's avatar here, I always thought is was funny with those balls dangling between her legs :B

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I was wondering what in the world was happening with this bumped thread. I see it was spam?

I guess how it could fit, but honestly, you're just advertising.

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Well the bump was weird but I'd like to take this chance to post one of my all-time favorite boxarts:

<3 redheads. And boobs.



Firiona Vie (EverQuest)

Not only is she incredibly HOT, but she's also one of the original Female Icons in Gaming and the face of one of the most important franchises in history.

Also, her Cos-players ALWAYS win best of Show at events and Best Booth Babe at E3.  Yet no one ever remembers her :( EverQuest 3 needs to hurry up to make EQ relavant again!



...uhh...ill just put my favorite quote of all time here.

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I'd say either Lightning or Zero-Suit Samus

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