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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Was it worth it for Square to make FFXV for XboxOne?


Should square keep FF PS4 exclusive?

Yes, that's where their fans are! 150 32.89%
Yes, I want PS4 to win! 29 6.36%
No, 3rd party exclusives suck! 61 13.38%
No, Square needs all the sales they can get! 151 33.11%
See answers. 65 14.25%
Bandorr said:
derpysquirtle64 said:

I would have been greatly dissapointed by this decision. Definitely not getting a PS4 just for one game. I think the majority of XBO FF15 players will agree

I got the xbox one three games. One of which was cancelled (scalebound), and one of which came to steam the same year (Quantum break).

So in essence I got the xbox one.. for SSO.

I'm interested in FE warriors. It is coming to the N3Ds and the switch. I'm not going to have a switch by then so I'm getting it for the N3ds. If it wasn't coming to the 3ds? it would be yet another game in the "reason to get switch" pile.

Heck I got a wii U for Bayonetta 2, and I got the ps4 for infamous second son and didn't touch it again a year later.

If you weren't into FF you probably wouldn't get a ps4. If FF was exclusive to PS4 though? People would buy one.

I love FF. But one game is not really enough to convince me to buy another console which I doubt I will use a lot after completing FFXV. Also it isn't a good practice with 3rd party exclusives. I think that these practices shouldn't be supported by the gaming community. 


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SuperBudgie1582 said:
CGI-Quality said:

That's you, though. Plenty of people would have done just that under those circumstances.

Plenty of people, sure. But I doubt that number would have come close to matching the number of copies the Xbox One version sold. 

No way of knowing any specific amount, either way. 


derpysquirtle64 said:
CGI-Quality said:

That's you, though. Plenty of people would have done just that under those circumstances.

Still bad for SqEnix. If they wouldn't have some kind of partnership or marketing deal with Sony, they will get nothing from PS4s sold to XBO owners which will buy it just to play FFXV. But some sales from this 600k on XBO they would have lost. So, less money for them. 

Like everyone else here, I can't say what would have been bad for Square Enix. 


Farsala said:
Swordmasterman said:

Kingdom Hearts is a big game, the first 2 main games sold 10.7 millions(Vgchartz numbers) combined.

Not for Xbox (0 sales), and we can't assume it will do that well on PS4 yet. Non PS2 games have sold 1-2m, with 20-40% of sales coming from Japan, which Xbox will get none from.

Err, recently, most of these games have been making their sales in NA. I have no idea what mathcamp bro is attending... 

Unless they spent a massive amount of money porting this game, yeah.

Seems to be on its way to selling over a million physical units and it could be selling well digitally.

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Possibly, though I do agree that F.F is one of the few that can get away with it. I'm not even sure Kingdom Hearts will do when 3 finally appears.

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twintail said:
Really depends how much they spent on the port and whether sales reflect a profit for the X1 version.

If they made their money back on the X1 version then it was fine. If they didnt, then no.

pretty much this.

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No. It wasn't worth it. I think this game would have gotten a substantially better and more tasteful push out West via Sony.

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Was it worth it for Square to make FFXV for any platform?

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Fusioncode said:
Was it worth it for Square to make FFXV for any platform?

Well it was the best Performing FF title in over 20 years.

Plus it ended up on the list despite only being out for a month.

So yes - yes it was.

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