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ICStats said:

VGC has PS4 making up 87% of sales. shows PS4 has 90% of times posted.

Do you think it's good for Square to keep making their RPGs for both consoles, or should they have focused on PS4 only where Japanese gamers and old fans of FF are concentrated?

Lol at this thread. According to VGC, its at 750k. That is definetly worth it. It gives a good impression that SE wants both sides to have the option to play this. 


And in a gamer's point of view, dont you want more people to play this game? Especially if its very good? 


And I think if XB1 is lacking games for a specific month compared to the PS4 (PS4 exclusives) then a multiplatform game gets a bit more spotlight to the XB1 Players. 

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