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Forums - Gaming Discussion - gamrConnect Presents: Their 350 Greatest Games - 2016 Edition

Ka-pi96 said:
Oh and the 2016 greatest VGC game getting exactly 2016 points? What a coincidence!

I know right? I find it a bit creepy that the year was the final point total for the #1, perhaps it was a sign.

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axumblade said:
Kresnik said:
Holy crap, Ocarina isn't only not #1, but it's not even in the top 10. What the hell!

Shocked that the only non-Nintendo game that cracked the top 10 is MGS3. I mean, I rated it really highly, but it's still surprising.

No Spyro games in the top 100 makes me sob, but hey, at least DanganRonpa nearly cracked the top 50!

ACIT made top 50 as well....So there's that :D

My quest continues... Tomorrow, top 25, next week, top 10, next year, number 1!

Surprised to see a big drop for OoT

But can't get wrong with The Wind Waker in 2nd! :D

Great work Blue

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Can't believe OoT is not 1st! Guess I'll have to change my hint for the 4th then...

Ocarina of Time is not number 1? You've pleasantly surprised me, VGChartz.

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axumblade said:

ACIT made top 50 as well....So there's that :D

Ah yeah, that's true, another one I'd rated very highly :)

Bit late but well done Leadified.

Can't get over the fact OoT is not #1... and that it's 15 of all places! Good number of new posters this year?

Super mario 64 is just way too overated imo.

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Just goes on to show the number of Nintendo fans on this forum. It's a sign of a forum not growing and not getting new members. Very much like gamefaqs.

I'm as big a Nintendo fan as anyone. But, there is no way they have that kind of lock on the top games. I'm part of the problem though, as I ranked a bunch of their games very high. I'll have to reevaluate next year, to be sure I agree with myself.