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Forums - Gaming Discussion - gamrConnect Presents: Their 350 Greatest Games - 2016 Edition

Boutros said:
Great job!

That Generation VIII list though...

LOL, I just noticed, 10/15 games are from Nintendo, and one of the other 5 is heavily inspired by a Nintendo game

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Great job blue!

Glad to see a lot of my favorites in the top 50.


Awesome work Blue! You rock!

After watching the voting I figured OOT would drop but not to 15! I'll have to review the entire list and post comments later.

Again, great job Blue!

My #1 made it to #2 this year so I'm happy.

SM 64 at #1? Not bad.

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I'm glad to see A link between worlds at #5

Yessss, A Crack in Time achieves what I believe is its best ranking so far! And the other R&Cs that made it into the list did pretty good too! I hope ToD can climb higher in the future as well Great for Jak and Daxter as well.

Windwaker and SM64 brat OoT that's a new one

Tmfwang said:
That top 50 just goes to show the insane amount of great games Nintendo make...

Definitely fixed.

@OP I'm happy for ALBW, definitely one of my favorite portable games!

I can't really complain about this list. 40 of my games made it in there somewhere. Has a much higher % of Nintendo games than I did, but again, can't argue with that.