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Forums - Gaming Discussion - gamrConnect Presents: Their 350 Greatest Games - 2016 Edition

Why haven't I seen this thread 15 days ago? Ocarina of Time not #1 anymore? I'm authentically surprised. Glad to see some of my favorites near the top.

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axumblade said:
Lawlight said:
Just goes on to show the number of Nintendo fans on this forum. It's a sign of a forum not growing and not getting new members. Very much like gamefaqs.

Or it goes to show that a lot of members grew up with Nintendo and vote for games they are nostalgic over. 

And this site has always leaned more towards nintendo than Microsoft or Sony when it comes to these competitions (if you need proof you can check the links in the OP). 

Which is exactly what I mean. The newer generation grew up with PlayStation moreso than Nintendo. On top of that, if there were more people outside of NA, there would have been more balance. Which goes back to the point about VGC stagnating.

I don't know how that's evidence of the site stagnating.

Ka-pi96 said:
WTF Ocarina of Time at #15? I mean, I`m glad because it gets boring if the same game wins every year and it`s not even a game I like, but still a bit strange it would drop that far, no?

And what`s with Uncharted at #115 seems a fair bit lower than I would have expected given the reception it received.

Final Fantasy 10 being below 7 is at least it`s above all the others though

Kinda disappointed that DW8 didn`t make the list, but 3 did which is awesome. And ROTK8 being there is awesome too, kinda funny it`s literally right next to DW on the list though Kinda feels like they placed higher than they did last year too which would be good!

As long as you and I keep participating, we can keep Koei games in the list eternally :P.


OT: The lack of FF in top 15 is depressing. Especially X and VIII.

VAMatt said:
I don't know how that's evidence of the site stagnating.

I've explained how. It would be cool to get statistics about recent member additions.

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Somehow missed this last year - was looking for it for ages. Glad I got to see it now

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