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Ka-pi96 said:
WTF Ocarina of Time at #15? I mean, I`m glad because it gets boring if the same game wins every year and it`s not even a game I like, but still a bit strange it would drop that far, no?

And what`s with Uncharted at #115 seems a fair bit lower than I would have expected given the reception it received.

Final Fantasy 10 being below 7 is at least it`s above all the others though

Kinda disappointed that DW8 didn`t make the list, but 3 did which is awesome. And ROTK8 being there is awesome too, kinda funny it`s literally right next to DW on the list though Kinda feels like they placed higher than they did last year too which would be good!

As long as you and I keep participating, we can keep Koei games in the list eternally :P.


OT: The lack of FF in top 15 is depressing. Especially X and VIII.