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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Can we agree Nintendo should go third party, now?

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Shaddup, you Pony! 676 36.13%
Switch > PC/PS4/XBO 376 20.10%
I can buy them all, anyway 99 5.29%
Nintendon't need more 29 1.55%
Keep only doing handhelds 81 4.33%
Maybe one more gen... 78 4.17%
Sounds good! 277 14.80%
I have always wanted it... 90 4.81%
Don't care about Nintendo 125 6.68%
Sonic > Mario 40 2.14%

I don't think they could survive the competition of AAA development.

The point of having their own system is that they can do their own thing and get away with it.

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Kerotan said:
It would make it so much easier for their fans if their games were made for pc/xb1/ps4 instead. Superior console features like trophies and cross game chat.

Cheaper console to buy. Huge library all on one platform. Nintendo could make their games more impressive with the extra pressure.

Only need to sub to one online service.

If the Switch flops it's not good but at least it might push Nintendo closer to that third party status.

LOL, sure sure.

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BraLoD said:

Yes, where competition doesn't matter, being able to play all games on a single place would be perfect.

Nintendo doesn't have direct competition, so as I said, everybody wins.

I don't plan on to so its all good

Why does it have to be Nintendo? Good hardware is more than just specs. I like their approach.

Maybe Microsoft should go third party, they've already got a foot in it with PC.

If Nintendo goes third party we would stop having gaming innovations, like paid online.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

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maxleresistant said:
I don't think they could survive the competition of AAA development.

The point of having their own system is that they can do their own thing and get away with it.

I don't think so.

Mario, Pokemon and Zelda, their major franchises, would only get even more famous.

Their minor franchises are not competitor to AAA games, they are still their own thing (except some few like Metroid), but Nintendo will always be Nintendo, their brand power is enough to put them on evidence, and like Square Enix or Ubisoft for example, even their simpler games will always have their audience, and free marketing will grow a lot just as well.

Yeah no,they have money to last till 2050 i watched top 10 Nintendo hidden facts i think the video was called that.

And people saying the console will flop they are making money from every console being sold so losing money yeah no plus they get 100% profit from there own games and 30-40% of other third party games like PS4/Xbox/PC is.

Switch is Japan's wet dream and if the console sells 30+ milion they have achieved their goal plus the money from online that they will put maybe not a lot of people won't pay but there a good amount of people that will.

And Amibos they are making money from that stuff regardless.

And people stop with this doom and gloom Jesus Christ.

Well personally id probably buy more Nintendo games as the biggest turn off for me has usually been their consoles. I own over 30 ds/3ds physical games and have only played maybe 10 of them because im not a huge fan of the 3ds, im just weird and buy the games cause i like supporting certain genres aka jrpgs lol on my WiiU though I've only got 5 games but again for some reason i just can't really get into the console. I've put about 50 hours into smash but other than that I've barely touched the thing. I think collective hours spent using it in nearly two years would be about 70 hours of use. Again thats mostly cause i don't really like the hardware.

In saying that Nintendo going third party is not a good idea, if you enjoy Sony IPs then you can kiss them goodbye. Sony won't bother with first party games anymore because they will effectively own the console market. They were already considering after the success of the PS2 lol thats before they knew they were about to get their asses kicked.

lame thread and poll. obviously anyone already gaming on a PS4 or Xone will vote yes as it would only help them (more games on that individual console) if that were the case.

I like Nintendo handhelds and Nintendo games ON Nintendo consoles are by far the most fun I have gaming with fam/friends.


the only thing I can agree about is that Nintendo needs to stop being cheap and needs to either A) hire more development teams or B) raise budgets for development, as I expected a lot more in terms of game announcements and certainly didn't expect only one real game at launch (Zelda)

Nope, because just because Nintendo does things wrong, I think they still do a bunch right, like no mandatory install time, or cater towards the west.

Given Nintendo is more likely to go Mobile only in the not so distant future (like 7 years), so sony fans will be happy either way.