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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Can we agree Nintendo should go third party, now?

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Shaddup, you Pony! 676 36.13%
Switch > PC/PS4/XBO 376 20.10%
I can buy them all, anyway 99 5.29%
Nintendon't need more 29 1.55%
Keep only doing handhelds 81 4.33%
Maybe one more gen... 78 4.17%
Sounds good! 277 14.80%
I have always wanted it... 90 4.81%
Don't care about Nintendo 125 6.68%
Sonic > Mario 40 2.14%

I think they're fine either way.

The thing about having their own system is that they have a captive audience. They can sell stuff like Star Fox because it's on a system with few games and a lot of people who buy anything with "Nintendo" written on it. Imagine Star Fox in the crowded market-place of the PS4/XO. People wouldn't buy that last game because they would have a lot more options. After awhile, that "buy everything from Nintendo" attitude would fade away.

The big stuff would still sell very well, of course, but the weaker stuff would be dust in the wind.

A third-party Nintendo would cut down on the amount of content they produce by a significant amount. That's not much of a negative, to be honest, especially considering some of the weaker games the Wii U had on offer.

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Azzanation said:
No. Sony and Xbox should instead.

On what ground?

One is the market leader by far, and the other is doing much better than the Wii U.

Paatar said:
No way in hell should they go 3rd party. Go home. Stop making these threads please. Lol... we get it. It wasn't your cup of tea.

What threads?

Everyone should just develop for mobile


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After we agree legend of lagoon is garbage

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KyleeStrutt said:
After we agree legend of lagoon is garbage

What's Legend of Lagoon?


LOL no

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Hynad said:
KyleeStrutt said:
After we agree legend of lagoon is garbage

What's Legend of Lagoon?

a game about a the legend of lagoon obviously


don't ask me dumb questions

I'm going to give Nintendo through E3 2018 to prove they have something that people want to buy, before I start calling for them to go 3rd party. But, as it stands today, I would see it as a positive if they announced such a move.