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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Can we agree Nintendo should go third party, now?

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Shaddup, you Pony! 676 36.13%
Switch > PC/PS4/XBO 376 20.10%
I can buy them all, anyway 99 5.29%
Nintendon't need more 29 1.55%
Keep only doing handhelds 81 4.33%
Maybe one more gen... 78 4.17%
Sounds good! 277 14.80%
I have always wanted it... 90 4.81%
Don't care about Nintendo 125 6.68%
Sonic > Mario 40 2.14%

So, this has always been the cause of some serious attacks to people who said this here over the years, but now after the Switch reveal, I really feel some of you are now more open to the idea, realizing what does that really always meant and where it came from.

Nintendo going third party means you don't need to be tied to a Nintendo hardware and save some serious buck, even more now that it also adopted online pay, so you'll have ones less to pay (if a PS/XB owner) or none (if PC), you'll actually be buying more capable and valuable for your money hardware, you'll have access to Nintendo games AND most other games, Nintendo itself will have better hardware to work with, Nintendo games will have a way greater reach, Nintendo stubborness will have to go away as they won't have covers for it so they will have to learn better how to behave in line with their fans expectations, some of you'll realise there is A LOT of games out there that you actually enjoy but never paid attention to.

It's a win-win situation, Nintendo doesn't actually have any direct competition or a built envyronment around services, so they lose nothing and can gain a lot doing it, and gamers just as well.

So, what do you think now?

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No way in hell should they go 3rd party. Go home. Stop making these threads please. Lol... we get it. It wasn't your cup of tea.

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-_- stop

Nope. As far as I see it. Nintendo is the only company innovating.

no... nintendo try other stuff other than RAW power....

fad or not... fail or success... at least they try to offer something different that could push more imagination....


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I agree, I`ve always agreed. I`d much rather play games on a console that actually has features I want and a reasonable price. I know what I want when it comes to a console and useless `innovation` sure as fuck isn`t it!

That said I`d only be for them going 3rd party if it meant PS/Xbox/PC. If it meant mobile only... fuck that shit!

If switch fails to sell 30 mil i think nintendo will go third party

No. Sony and Xbox should instead.

I'll wait until E3 to make that decision.

Well, yeah, I mean, who doesnt want Nintendo to develop games for the Ps and be able to play all that amazing library? But they are arrogant and refuse to please their audience! Arrogant I tell you!