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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Can we agree Nintendo should go third party, now?

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Shaddup, you Pony! 676 36.13%
Switch > PC/PS4/XBO 376 20.10%
I can buy them all, anyway 99 5.29%
Nintendon't need more 29 1.55%
Keep only doing handhelds 81 4.33%
Maybe one more gen... 78 4.17%
Sounds good! 277 14.80%
I have always wanted it... 90 4.81%
Don't care about Nintendo 125 6.68%
Sonic > Mario 40 2.14%
aikohualda said:
no... nintendo try other stuff other than RAW power....

fad or not... fail or success... at least they try to offer something different that could push more imagination....

I find it funny that some people complain that Nintendo rehashes the same IP's but have no problem with the same rehashed power arms race every gen from Sony and Microsoft.

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Acevil said:
BraLoD said:

I'm sorry but I really didn't understand your first sentence where you make a connection of something and ends on full mobile, Ace.

Essentially what you are describing that they go after the biggest ocean, why settle for the small ones. Mobile is going to be the biggest ocean. 

If they have enough to make quality games like on consoles/pc, why not?

If they have to make compromisses and lower quality, then it's not win win anymore, can be brand damaging and turn out horribly.

Ka-pi96 said:
Acevil said:

Okay, so you want them to go after biggest audience correct and 30% of the cut will go hardware developers and focus on competiting with the best developers, ya sounds like you want them to go full mobile. Which they are honestly on there way, switch bombs, nintendo goes that route. 

Second time I`ve seen someone say this now. Where are you getting this from? The only source I can see is this:

That says it`s about 11.66%, which is a lot less than 30%.

You mean 15% since Nintendo isn't selling it for $60 the retailer is, nintendo would be selling it for $45. Which is fair, I was more using the mobile percentage of apple, since I was saying ultamitely the argument being presented to me, is more for a mobile nintendo than nintendo that makes games on ps4/xboxone/pc. 



QUAKECore89 said:

Why PS4? Since everyone have Sony Xeperia smartphone with AndroidOS installed, you can buy Super Mario Run or download Pokemon GO. Yeah! Nintendo games on Sony's smartphones! Problem solved!


Who said PS4? OP addresses it going multiplat (PC/PS4/XBO)

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BraLoD said:
SuperNova said:
Yeah, lets just completely ignore the fact that most of Nintendos games are completely build around the specific hardware they were released on and are more creative and unique for it.
Whatever controlscheme Nintendo comes up with, they usually commit to it 100% (the WiiU being the outlier here, they really didn't know what to do with that system....). Hundreds of games would have been impossible without Nintendo RnD developing their own hardware.
People tend to forget how revolutionary a lot of Nintendo hardware was for it's respective time and complain about gimmicks instead.

I'll tell you what, the DS, had a touchscreen in 2004, thats three years before the Iphone released and made touchscreens ubuquitus. And it did give us new ways to play. I could go on, but it's save to say, demanding Nintendo to go third party isn't thinking things through.

So your example is from 13 years ago?

What does the Switch have that prevent Nintendo games outside of it of being fully enjoyed on another platform?

Yes. It is. And it was nontheless revolutionary. There could be tons more examples, most of them even older than that, but I honestly can't be arsed. If you can't see the merits of Nintendo having it's own platform, then you're shortsighted. If you want one for the switch, watch the presentation, literally the first two games they talk about are designed around the joy cons and would not be possible on Ps4/Xone.

I'm not happy with how they handled this reveal, especially the pricepoint of console+accessorys is a bit repulsive and I'm not a fan of payed online either. But my beef isn't with the hardware itself. I like the switch concept and the HD rumble as well as the improved IR motion sensor sound and look interesting. I see potential in all of that. I like motion control for certain things, like gyro aiming in Splatoon or WiiRemotes for Pikmin.

As for the only two more recent consoles by Ninendo 3DS was an evolution of the Ds and it was a decent one. 3D turned out to not really lend itself to gaming mechanics, especially with the health concerns for younger children and that is unfortunate. I already mentioned the WiiU in my original comment.

Hapuc12 said:
Ka-pi96 said:

They don`t have money to last until 2050. They have money yes, but how long it will last for depends on how much of it they spend... and even more importantly, how much of it their investors will let them spend. It could last until the year 3000, or they could blow it all in a year (that one be one great party at Nintendo HQ for a year though! )

They aren`t making money from every console sold. Firstly, I haven`t heard anything to suggest that the Switch will be selling for more than it costs to make, but even if it does that still doesn`t mean they are making money. There are a whole lot of other costs to consider other than basic material costs and shipment, the marketing budget for one, the years of R&D for another. The Switch will start with quite a significant net loss (as every console does) and until they can clear that amount they won`t really be making money from each console sold.

As for games, they don`t even get 100% revenue, let alone profit. Retailers take their cut, taxes take a cut and games do cost money to make as well. As for 30-40% of third party games (what third party games? ), I very much doubt it`s anywhere near that high. Probably more around 10-15%.

And Amiibos? Yeah, they`ll make money from them but just like the software the point isn`t that they could make money by going 3rd party, it`s that they could make more. They sold a lot of Amiibo`s when only the small number of Wii U owners could use them, now imagine how much more they could have sold if games that utilised them were playable by the billions of people that own a PC or phone or something.

I like when you say Bilions of PC yet most of the games on PC barely pass 1 mil mark only few of them pass so i wouldn't count PC for any revenue it's only good for f2p and few other titles and all that drm yeah no thanks. (there you go)

Yes they will cut for physical it's like digital doesn't exist here but no matter but they sure as hell will get more then they will to port them to PS4/Xbox/PC

And like i said cost of development for consoles and PC.

And to pay for other stuff for dev kits and god knows what else.

Most of the games on... everything... barely pass 1 mil. Besides, I was talking about potential customer base meaning owners. As in billions of PC owners vs 15 million Wii U owners.

Cost of development for consoles/PC wouldn`t be any more than it is for Nintendo`s own consoles.

Jay70sgamer said:
Hapuc12 said:

Yeah no,they have money to last till 2050 i watched top 10 Nintendo hidden facts i think the video was called that.

And people saying the console will flop they are making money from every console being sold so losing money yeah no plus they get 100% profit from there own games and 30-40% of other third party games like PS4/Xbox/PC is.

Switch is Japan's wet dream and if the console sells 30+ milion they have achieved their goal plus the money from online that they will put maybe not a lot of people won't pay but there a good amount of people that will.

And Amibos they are making money from that stuff regardless.

And people stop with this doom and gloom Jesus Christ.

Haptic...Thank you someone who gets it comment so far ....just like someone said ....Port beggars ....I've been gaming since the 70s ...these new gamers don't get it ....Nintendo will never consider going 3rd party as long as their software continues to sell gaming the money is in the software not hardware ..smh ...when will people realize that ...they profit because their software sells ...Nintendo didn't gain them billions in the ds and wii era from hardware it was software ...example 35 million Mario kart games sold ..wii sports ,80,000,000 sold ,all first party 100 percent profit...every generation they make a profit because of software and peripherals.....not hardware 

Competition is what made this industry grow exclusive stuff for people to be incentive to buy that piece of Softwere.

I mean why would i buy a Ps4 or Switch if it all came to PC.

People don't get as far as i have seen it PC is a necessity consoles are not.

Sure there will always be console gamers but there sure as hell won't be much as if it all came to PC or any console.

And in my opinion the greatest games to come are exclusive games.

No lol. There are tons of games coming out on it, including remasters I've never played before. When Nintendo introduces a new IP, people always at first think it looks stupid, but most often those games turn into ones we remember the most about those systems (Splatoon, Pikmin, Wii Sports, etc).

The punching game, personally, looks like it could be the next great thing. That game looked absolutely amazingly fun to play.

And the whole POINT of the Switch is that it allows you to play games in such a unique fashion and change it up whenever you want. If anything, getting rid of one of the redundant hd twins makes a lot more sense. Rather, I'd like to have just Nintendo devices and PC, at least until Microsoft and Sony stop focusing on graphics and more on innovation within the industry. I mean seriously, some people may hate 1-2-switch, but my goodness is that something I NEVER would have expected! Nintendo is the company that comes up with brand new ideas.

I actually think 1-2-switch would be like the perfect game for when you invite a bunch of friends over and want to do a party game. I do this every Monday night with some friends (my wife and I invite over people) and sometimes we do boardgames. This game and device would be amazing for those nights!

KyleeStrutt said:
jason1637 said:
Why should Nintendo be the ones to go third party?

Because they're the ones making hardware people don't want.

Well those 70+ million people that bought Nintendo systems this gen doesn't count?

BraLoD said:
jason1637 said:
Why should Nintendo be the ones to go third party?

That's addressed in the OP.

1. They don't have direct competition, lack market understanding on building hardware (while they do on software), they keep losing market reach keeping tying their games to their hardware, and have no services built around their hardware to justify it.

Their strength lies deeply on their software, like any third party company.

Well i disagree. Yeah i can agree they make underpowered hardware but that doesn't mean they don't understand the market on building hardware.

3D was really popular so they made the 3DS which ended up being a success.

Tablets and gaming on tablets were and still are big when the Wii U came out and yes it did fail but that's like only 1 mistake,

Now they noticed how popular taking games on the go and know that they want to throw all their support on one system so they made the Switch. Yes its nto as powerful as other consoles but power  shouldn't be what we use to determine that they don't understand the hardware market because they seem to be doing whats popular and it only failed once with e Wii U.