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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Can we agree Nintendo should go third party, now?

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Shaddup, you Pony! 676 36.13%
Switch > PC/PS4/XBO 376 20.10%
I can buy them all, anyway 99 5.29%
Nintendon't need more 29 1.55%
Keep only doing handhelds 81 4.33%
Maybe one more gen... 78 4.17%
Sounds good! 277 14.80%
I have always wanted it... 90 4.81%
Don't care about Nintendo 125 6.68%
Sonic > Mario 40 2.14%

Yea. If they can't be a primary platform they shouldn't be in the race. They even said they're not competing. They're just making their fans buy and extra console.

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Darc Requiem said:
This stupid topic rears it's ugly head again. How did going third party work for Sega. Sega was a top notch developer that make a great game in any genre. Now you just hope they release something decent. I don't agree with a lot of the things Nintendo does but part of what allows them to make the types of games that they do is creating their on platform. People complain about Nintendo making too many Mario and Zelda titles. That would only get worse as a 3rd party developer. You could kiss IPs like Fire Emblem goodbye.

1.Nintendo isn't Sega

2.A lot of people like Yakuza and Sega lets Atlus do their thing so Sega's fine IMO.

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Why stop there? Sony and Microsoft should also go 3rd party along with Nintendo and develop only PC, Mobile, and VR games cause why even have dedicated consoles these days am I right? *sarcasm*

Switch is like a rebaked WiiU, complete with re-releases of a ton of the same games. As mobile is meaningless to me, I would hesitate to spend even $149 for it. I have a huge respect for their 1st party titles, but I am done buying their systems, and no way in hell am I going to pay for online.

Unless the price comes down like crazy or there is some kind of mass hysteria over it out of nowhere, this thing will struggle to crack 20M lifetime.

Guys, I know this is a hot button topic for a lot of you, but remember to follow the rules of the forum. It seems like a large portion of you are either too triggered to have a debate, or are entering the thread with an existing agenda already. Don't flame people for having an opinion...and make your point without trashing other consoles and their libraries.

I'll trust that Bralord wants to have an honest discussion...but this goes to everyone here. These aren't new rules.

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not unless they are allowed to create a controller for that console.

There controllers is mainly why I like their games on their consoles.

Also lets be honest Switch is a child of the old president. The new one is basically taking on that pile of whatever it is. It was too later to start something new. Lets see if he has the balls to change the ship next round.



We're all entitled to our own opinion and I can respect that, you're not good at using arguments to support your agenda.

Its not happening, instead beg Sony to develop games similar to the ones you crave so much to play on their hardware. Oh What was that? PlayStation All Stars? Keep trying.

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I think that either that or they stick to portables and mobile.

Ljink96 said:
I'll wait until E3 to make that decision.

I second that

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BraLoD said:


I haven't made various threads about the same subject on a short time, so please, don't lump it together with anything else, judge it for what it is, and discuss about it.

It doesn't matter who made what, these threads all ask the same question. Annoyed Nintendo fans lump them together because they are quite literally all the same, no matter if they're asking a reasonable question or not.