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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Three New Dragon Quest XI Footage

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Keybladewielder said:

This completely and utterly slayed me, no words can describe how excited I am yeeessss Yeeesssss YEEEESSSS

I love the cast, the art-style, the music, everything. I can't stop watching the videos  The ninja girl is best girl 

Persona 5, Ni No Kuni 2 and Dragon Quest XI for PS4, cant wait of this masterpieces < 3

all 3 games > FF15. It looks awesome :)

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Reminds me about of DQ8..... this is gonna be really good.
Turn based combat Im assumeing, is makeing a return.

Looks amazing!

I'll be getting it on PS4 first.

3DS version comes later for me.


Basil's YouTube Channel


PS4 version looks great to me,will likely get this.

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People thinking it would be anything but turn based are obviously not familiar with the series. No random encounters is bad enough but they won't scratch turn based.

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Looks amazing, next zelda should borrow that art style.

Hmmmm !!! It's so good. The field music in the first video. The 16bit map on the bottom screen of the 3DS in the second one and the trailer got me freaking excited to play this JRPG :D

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this and DQ Heroes 2 next year, so good

Art style looks nice, really want to see some combat soon as others have mentioned

Looks majestic on the ps4. The best the DQ series has ever looked. I wonder will they support 4k on the Pro.