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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Three New Dragon Quest XI Footage

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This game will be amazing!!!

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Looking great, I totally have DQVIII vibes, which is great.


Square who?


The PS5 Exists. 

Cinematic trailer was great!

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It says for ps4 and 3ds. What about switch? 3ds version looks awesome.

not with boring turn based combat

hmm, still not sure about this. Heard nothing but good things about Dragon Quest games but the art style looks pretty bad to me. Plus the lack of information on the characters and story is also a pretty big turn. Hopefully SE are just playing their cards close to their chest on that aspect though.

HollyGamer said:
HandofPrometheus said:
Is this a turn based game? Do you Create a character?

This game looks really good and would be my first dragon quest game.

Usually on Dragon Quest they using  a nameless Hero but the Character design cannot change. And so far we dont have any info on the combat, again usually Dragon Quest series always had a turnbased games and more traditional unlike FF that diffrent from time to time. 

We have this...

Which kind of has to be turn based

Yup... thats dragon quest all right..... 2017 is gonna be great!!!!