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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I'm feeling the Switch will struggle to sell 10 million units.

I have a hard time seeing it do worse than WiiU.
Most of the people who bought WiiU will probably want the Switch. And those who were on the fence about WiiU but decided not to get it may very well be more interested in Switch, provided it has a good price. Because it seems to get ports of great WiiU games. Then you have the 3DS crowd. Even if only few of them (who didn't also own a WiiU) get the Switch, it should do better than WiiU.

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lets just all buy it.

FallingTitan said:
lets just all buy it.


I'd say between 50-80M, but that's just guessing without knowing almost anything, just for fun xD. It's definitely too soon to make a prediction.

I can see it being more successful than Wii-U and Gamecube, but I can't see it selling more than 40 million units, especially with 3DS staying on the market. All this third party support is going to be very short-lived once third party publishers see, as usual with Nintendo consoles, their games sell like absolute crap. I don't see the hardware producing any good ports, and it's going to end up just like the Wii-U did in that regard.

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10 million in the first year is what I see.

Meh I agree it will be disappointing to a lot of people and will fall short of usual Nintendo hardware sales (home+handheld) if this is the only system they're going to release, but surely it'll beat 10m...

Nah no way. I think due to the contraction of the handheld market, the relative weakness of the Nintendo brand, and the likely high overlap in Wii U/3DS ownership will keep it from doing crazy well. But I think it could anywhere from 30 to 50 million units.

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I'm with you OP.

Switch is not bad, but the concept is NOT "exciting" like the Wii's controller was.

The Wii was expAnsive(not expensive, expansive). The Switch is "reductive". It tries to contain or reduce the experience that was otherwise more grand.

I doubt it, because they've named it after the hybrid concept. BUT.... maybe there's something huge we haven't seen yet. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

AbbathTheGrim said:
onionberry said:
I just find crazy how people could say this without all the info and more important, info about the games, that's why we buy consoles, games.

Problem is that when it comes to "games" WiiU had all those Nintendo games and a relatively successful new one in Splatoon and look at how much the WiiU sold in spite of those games.

When it comes to Nintendo consoles, it seems like Nintendo's best case scenarios are reduced to doing something that will attract people who would otherwise not buy consoles, and that doesn't seem to be the case with the Switch.

The precedent dictates that if Nintendo doesn't accomplish what they did with the Wii, then they are destined to remain on the shadow of Sony console-sales-wise.

The thing that the Switch does have going on for it though I admit, is the promise that those handheld games from Nintendo will be on it, so you will have to buy Switch for Pokemon Fuschia, Monter Hunter, etc.

You're right that Wii U had some great games, one of the major problems though was that they were too far and few in between. It has not been uncommon to go 3-4 months in between big releases on Wii U.

Quality wasnt an issue but quantity certainly was, 3DS had a pretty good mix of quality & quantity and since Switch will be a successor to 3DS & Wii U than its possible that we could be looking at a device with 3DS level software output & Wii U level software quality which would make for a very appealing device.

As long as they get the marketing & price right than they should do pretty well.

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