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Forums - Sports Discussion - ESPN Loses 621,000 Subscribers; Worst Month in Company History


Do you still watch ESPN, or have you moved on?

Yes 13 18.57%
No 39 55.71%
FSN 3 4.29%
online 5 7.14%
see results 8 11.43%
other 2 2.86%

I don't watch ESPN but really never did.

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Not enough Esports.

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Not had cable in years.

I certainly dont mind. Until they have loads more esports, I have zero interest


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How does anyone even lose that many subscribers so quickly?

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Does it gotta do with that youtube policy where they delete or unsubscribe accounts which haven't been used/logged on for ages? I remember happening that with many of my subscribers.

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spurgeonryan said:
jason1637 said:
I don't watch ESPN but really never did.

Is that you in the avatar?

No it's someone from a PSVR article.

I cut the cord a while ago. Cable costs are ridiculous.

I don't get why anyone would pay $100/month for cable television and sit through ads when you can pay $22/month for Netflix and Hulu+ and never watch ads. Can even ad league pass for most sport leagues for $5-10/month. HBO is $15/month so even with all that still half of cable bill one friend I know pays.

Sure, have to wait on some shows, but I really don't care and saving $600-800/year makes it worth it and I avoid ads (especially political ones lately).

If I really want to watch live sport event I just go to local pub and get a meal and enjoy the match.

Cable costs are too high and cable companies have shady practices where they keep hiking your prices for no reason. Couple that with cheaper alternatives (streaming, PS Vue, Sling, Roku) and you have this decline in cable.

As for ESPN, I strongly believe the generation after millennials just aren't into sports that much. I believe this decline in professional sports will continue to grow as the millennials grow older and find themselves with more responsibilities in their lives than watching sports.