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Forums - Sports Discussion - ESPN Loses 621,000 Subscribers; Worst Month in Company History


Do you still watch ESPN, or have you moved on?

Yes 13 18.57%
No 39 55.71%
FSN 3 4.29%
online 5 7.14%
see results 8 11.43%
other 2 2.86%
spurgeonryan said:

 the worldwide leader in sports lost 621,000 cable subscribers

Now I don`t know, that may well be true, but claiming to be the `worldwide` leader with only US figures to back themselves up... Seems like time for another one of those `globally in the US` jokes to me

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Damn, they are more dooemd than Nintendo.

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Nope, I just look for websites that are streaming MNF games. No other reason for me to watch that channel outside of MNF

bunchanumbers said:
I cut the cord a while ago. Cable costs are ridiculous.

Im not into watching sports... much less paying to do so :p

How many here watched 2016 World Championship Finals - SKT vs SSG! yesterday?

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I think sports events should just broadcast their events themselves on the internet for a small fee rather than try to sell off rights to local channels. People would be able to pay only to see what they want, they'd be able to watch it commercial free and have the possibilities to watch catch up, and you'd be able to stream anywhere in the world instead of having region-locked content.

I really don't see the point of a sports generalist like ESPN. Maybe just for those who aren't harcore fans and just want to content themselves with snippets of a bunch of sports. But if you really want to watch a sports event, you should be willing to go look it up yourself online.

Goodbye espn.