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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your favoruite RPG franchise?


What is your favourite RPG franchise?

Mass Effect 9 5.03%
Fallout 7 3.91%
The Witcher 6 3.35%
Final Fantasy 65 36.31%
Kingdom Hearts 12 6.70%
Pokemon (not sure if you ... 16 8.94%
The Elder Scrolls 11 6.15%
Diablo 1 0.56%
Dark Souls 10 5.59%
Other (post below). 42 23.46%

As a JRPG gamer for many years now, I have lots of series I play and love so my list will be rather big so I'll try to limit mine to 15 in no real order :D

Dragon Quest
Final Fantasy (Recent entries have really downgraded the series for me)
Fire Emblem
Tales of Series
The Legend of Heroes (Is growing as one of the best jrpg series imo)
Lunar (The first 2 are some of the best the genre has to offer)
Paper Mario (Other then Sticker Star the series is great)
Mario & Luigi
Golden Sun (Still hoping for a 4th game on the 3DS before it's lifecycle is up!)
Suikoden (Mainly the first 2 games)
Grandia (Same as above)
Shining Series

*Note* These are subject to change each and every year that newer series or entries come out.

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zeldazero said:
Dragon Quest..hands down being the only turn based RPG left...

*cough* Bravely Default/Second, Shin Megami Tensei(Main,Persona),etc ... *cough*

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Xenoblade by far, then Suikoden and Lunar.

Shin Megami Tensei, Pokémon, Mario RPGs in general... I need to get into a lot of others series yet, though, specially some western ones.

Fire Emblem and the two Xenoblade Games (if those can be called a franchise).
Aside of those, Mass Effect.

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Tales is my #1

The witcher and mass effect franchises.

First I'd say, Final Fantasy but I'm not looking to buy the next one on first day.
Then, Dragon Age, I'm currently wondering when they'll announce the next game (it's been 2 years since release of the last and in reality they should be nearing the completion of a sequel... right?
Then Mass Effect, looking forward to the next one.

Hmm, pie.

Fallout isnt a rpg anymore basically.... not sure it should be on the list.
Diablo isnt a rpg either, its a hack n slash game.

probably "Shin Megami Tensei (& persona)"  or "Final Fantasy".


Shadow Hearts

old Final Fantasy