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Just watched The Wandering Earth with my wife last night, and my god, is it bad. The main characters are unlikable and annoying, the plot all over the place and full of holes, the third act in the end totally unnecessary, the finale absolutely unbelievable and the science so bad, even Anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers have better, more compelling and more sound science behind them.

For those who wonder about what's so bad with the movie's science, let me list just a few:

  1. The Sun turning into a Red Supergiant within 300 years. Neither can t happen so fast nor does the Sun have enough mass to even become that big.
  2. Earth get pushed by "rock fusion", essentially burning rocks for fuel. Those are not only way too weak to work, they would have consumed the entire planet before reaching destination. It even leaves a giant trail of gasses behind like a comet...
  3. When passing by Jupiter, it does a "gravity spike" - as if Planets could change their gravity at will...
  4. Jupiter soaks away the atmosphere in a way that looks like a worm tunnel
  5. The main characters want to ignite the atmosphere and Jupiter along with it to get a push away from the planet to save the earth, nevermind that it would scorch the earth and everyone on it and tha blast would make giant earthquakes enough to destroy all those underground cities in the movie. But the worst part:
  6. The plasma beam is 5000 km short and thus fails even though it stays on like that. Wasn't the earth supposed to crash into Jupiter? The distance would have disappeared just a couple minutes later...
  7. The solution: have the accompanying Space Station, which houses all of earth's knowledge, seeds of all the plants and 300k embryos to ensure the survival if earth itself couldn't make it, drop all those things and crash right into the beam to have it's 300 kT of fuel do the ignition.
  8. Earth comes out unscathed from all of this.

The worst part: It's the second-highest grossing movie in China despite all those flaws and holds a stupefying 74% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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1989's "Things".

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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American Hustle.

After the first hour my wife gave up and went to bed. I was like no I'll stick it out there must be a reason why this movie is so highly rated. Turns out its 3 hours of absolute uninteresting boring rubbish. Even Uwe Boll's House of the Dead was at least so bad it was funny and short enough for it to not out stay its welcome.


I can't believe that I watched this piece of sh't to the end.

The Predator 


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2zosteven said:

The Predator 

Someone at my work genuinely thinks this is better than the original. Sackable offence if you ask me.

2zosteven said:

The Predator 

The Sexual Predator (Starring Richard Grieco) is worse.

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

I dunno about my worst ever, but I just got done watching the Mulan remake and it's easily the worst movie I've seen this year. The writing, acting, editing, and directing were all terrible. Pretty much its only positive quality were some nice (but inconsistent) visuals. I usually tend to agree with the general critical consensus of most films so I'm kinda stunned to read a lot of the very positive reviews for it. Glad it didn't come out of my pocket.

100 Million BC

This movie is ridiculous. So, some team of scientists is sent back in time for some reason and they get stuck there, because something goes wrong. Obviously they’ll need rescuing so the idea is to send a team of marines back afterwards. Not only does the time-machine look like a bad cardboard cutout with a sloppy paintjob, it has laughable dialogue and acting too. During the briefing of the marines one of them asks the leader how he knows the earlier sent scientists are still alive after being in the past for a while (as if that matters if you can pick the point in time you can go back to) to which he replies; “Because we found this”, and shows a photo of a cave painting that says “Frank it wasn’t your fault”.

It also gets the great IMDb score of 2.3.

A Star is Born (2018), this cliché mess went on for 3 hours, almost slept on cinema.