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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which decade do you think was the best for video games?

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Which decade do you think was the best for video games?

1970s: Everything is bran... 0 0%
1980s: Huge improvements in quality and story 16 5.99%
1990s: The first CD and 3... 142 53.18%
2000s: Online play, matur... 76 28.46%
2010s: The last six years... 33 12.36%

90s. No contest.

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That's a really tough choice between the 90's and the 2000's. I loved alot of games from both decades. But I played more games during the 2000's because that's when I became a core gamer, so I guess 2000's.

ktay95 said:
No poll option for other?? Thread should be locked -_-

There's something other than those? Are you from the future? :o

Even trying to ignore the nostalgia factor and the being a kid factor, I'll still have to say 90's, too many of my favourite games of all time and it just a much simpler time.

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Tough choice since you said which decade, but a decade is 10 years, so...1996-2006(when Kingdom hearts 2 released outside of Japan). lol

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It's between 90's and 2010's for me, but I picked 2010's because it produced my favorite game ever.

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2000s. While I do like the 90s for the N64 and SNES, I prefer the DC, PS2, GC, Wii, PSP, GBC, GBA, and DS much more

Mid 90's to mid 2000's for me. N64,ps, ps2 xbox, xbox 360 release easily the best time for me

Creativity, popularity and access to games was blooming like never before, and I don't see so much good stuff stacked together happening like that ever again.