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Forums - Music Discussion - Traveling Europe, Need Driving Songs.

soulsamurai said:

Also I do plan on having a romp on the autobahn...


No stop signs

No speed limit

Nobody's gonna slow us down

Hunting Season is done...

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The best music is by Stone Temple Pilots

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

One Vision by Queen, the intro build up is great and leads to a nice crunchy guitar riff by Brian May.

If you're driving in a car, or whatever, in the morning when the Sun is still red, THIS song is a Must listen:

(I hope I did it right with YT-Videos here xD)

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Nice songs OP, you got any more of those?

E40 - choices

Which countries will you be visiting, first and foremost?

Killy_Vorkosigan said:

EDIT : Just read your profile, didnot knew you were from Japan. I've been dreaming to go to Japan since forever ! Hajimemashite !  You'll find that France is the second manga market after japan ^^

Haha yeah I do live in Japan at the moment. I've lived here for about 4 years now, but I've always been nomadic so I'm looking forward this next move coming up.

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