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Forums - Music Discussion - Traveling Europe, Need Driving Songs.

BeardedDragon said:

My favorite driving song. It's different from the music you posted but it's really chill :)

Hey man, I'm always up to broaden my horizons and i do like a few electronics music, like the first one you posted by deadmeu5

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Killy_Vorkosigan said:

Driving with this is addictive... Hope your onboard sound system is good, SoulSamurai !

Haha honestly my soundsystem is Nonexistant. I've completely gutted my interior to make room for the roll cage and to also lose weight. I'm very proud of my car and try to squeeze out some performance. It's made to be a racecar not a daily driver. The engine's a little too loud to warrant to great of a sound system anyway......I will be bringing a high qaulity portable speaker though XD

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m0ney said:

The best music is by Stone Temple Pilots

In my top 5 of bands man, can't disagree with you there. Love doing some karaoke to them.

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Turkish said:
Nice songs OP, you got any more of those?

Sure love playing this song on my way to work.

Mac DeMarco - Viceroy

And this one is my absolute favorite song, love playing it in the middle of the day. If you guys haven't figured out by now, I'm like John Wick with my car it means the world to me.

Starflyer 59 - I drive a lot

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Mummelmann said:
Which countries will you be visiting, first and foremost?

I be getting a house in Germany about an hour away from the Nurburgring, so that's my first stop. After all my house hold goods come in my first roadtrip is going to be to Switzerland. One of my favorite things other than video games is hiking up mountains....something i haven't been able to do in living in that part of Japan I'm in.....My trips are also planned around alpine coasters XD.  

1. Switzerland - 


2. Belguim - As a lover of beer.....this I cannot miss


3. Austria - 

4.  France - 



There are more, however these are the planned trips I have at the moment.  I have the routes programmed into my gps and ready to go. Bahhh so excited ^.^

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This song by Taking Back Sunday is good if you are in a retrospective mood:

They have other good songs. They are a band that needs multiple listens for the songs to really catch on. Their early material is not as good in my opinion, it is still good nonetheless.

Biffy Clyro is one of my favourite bands. One of the best bands of the modern music era.

If you are looking for something upbeat, fun to sing along with, and for a good laugh - look no further. Mindless Self Indulgence is where it is at:

A few of my favorite driving songs:

And, oddly enough, this live version of The Passenger is probably my favorite pedal-to-the-metal song.

Initial D bro.

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

pokoko said:

A few of my favorite driving songs:

And, oddly enough, this live version of The Passenger is probably my favorite pedal-to-the-metal song.


Dude those are some really great songs, Really liked Dead Meadow, and you're right that is a fucking awesome version of the passenger.

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soulsamurai said:
Killy_Vorkosigan said:

And you definitely need some Turbo Killer with that Nurburgring : 

That does seem like a good fit for a bit of a lap. I've spent the past 3 years building up my R32 GT-R to be around 750hp and it will be complete by the end of next month (as long as my damn debit card company gets my replacement card to me in time) I never thought i would actually have the chance to take it on the Nurburgring.

 just a day by Feeder, that way you will  feel like your in a Gran Turismo game ,  also classics like Born to be Wild , Radar love and Born to Run ,since your going on it , Autobahn , by kraftwerk.

PS nearly forgot another springsteen song , racing in the street.

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