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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Forza Motorsport 6/Gears of War 4 Coming To Windows 10 (RUMOUR)

kitler53 said:
ps4/win10 seems like the best combo for gaming now if you are going to own two platforms.

Yes and no.  If you like to game on your PC then yes, if you are like myself, who do not like to game on my PC then no.  My PC is used for work and I have no intention of upgrading it to the latest graphics card, memory, CPU or any of the combinations.  My PC is not hooked up to my Tv in any way shape or form and since I use it for work and not play, I see no reason to hook it up to my TV.  

If anything, I can see MS bringing out something like steam TV.  A device you hook up to your PC that allow you to stream your PC games to your TV.  I can definitely see MS going down this route which would allow them to deliver XBL, publishing their games on PC and still keep you within their ecosystem all the while making sure you purchase games from the Xbox store and upgrade to windows 10 or whatever their next next OS.  Also if this device is small enough, you will be able to take it with you on trips that allow you to stream from your PC at home or maybe register yoru game to Azure on the cloud and still play your collection on the go.  This ties into how MS was going to do the X1 in the beginning but now they can still execute the play with a 2nd device.

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I'm not really sure why this matters... People still bought an Xbox One for Titanfall, despite it being cross released at the same time on PC... At the end of the day it's more exposure on the market for the game and opens it up to two platforms. More software sales isn't really a bad thing, considering that's where the money's made.

I'm not really convinced that the majority of people who would buy an Xbox One for X or Y game would suddenly reconsider because it's on PC too, unless of course they had a proper gaming rig to run the game on, which I would find unlikely for the majority out there.. If not, it's far more likely that they would still buy the Xbox One for the game(s), as opposed to the second option of making a more costly investment in a gaming PC.

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Microsoft needs to release all of its first party games on PC. There is no need to keep games exclusive to the xbox console.

People who own nice gaming PCs are going to be buying all the third party games on PC anyway. So there is really no reason to try to tempt them to buy an xbox one with exclusive games. I doubt the xbox one has very good margins, so if they are only going to be selling first party games to these customers might as well let them buy those games on the windows store.

On the other hand this won't really sway the mainstream gamer, who doesn't own a nice gaming PC, further towards the playstation because that gamer still won't have the ability to play these games.

Turkish said:
They really do not want me to buy an Xbox do they?

If they get you to switch to the Windows Store for all your pc games then no. They get a cut from any purchase you make there, and looking and Steam that can be extremely profitable.

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*prays that Rare Replay gets a PC release too*

bet: lost

People says that it doesnt matter.

Lets wait for the Quatum Break release date, i predict that the game wont move any needles when it comes to hardware pushing for several reasons, one of them being the availability of the game on PC. And last but not least the hilarious boycott of the Xbox extremist who are butt hurt with Phil Spencer because of the "betrayal".

I personally dont have a Gaming Rig, but if i had a capable one i wouldnt have bought the Xbox One.

Of all the Xbox One exclusives, the one that catch my attention the most was Quantum Break, which is now a "Microsoft Exclusive".

Zekkyou said:
Jazz2K said:
The more people can enjoy these games the better. People's main complaint about these moves are that they won't buy an Xbox One but clearly they never intended to buy one anyway and never cared for the state of the console. So if they buy the games through Win10 Store then I see only positives.

Forza is an excellent racer and the soon to be released FH3 is sure to lead the genre once again.

Generalizations like this are little better than the ones where people say stuff like this will kill Xbox.

I know right. I usualy don't participate in this kind of debate but I think this is getting out of hand haha... really! Suddenly so many people were getting an Xbox One... it's the most popular console since QB was announced for PC, hilarious.

I'm skeptical.

The case of Remedy and Quantum Break is particular because Remedy has always worked for PC and all their previous games have had a PC launch. It wouldn't surprise anyone that MSoft and Remedy had the PC port signed since day one but couldn't talk about it.

But when it comes to Forza and Gears of War... well, let's put it this way: during last year's E3, MSoft revealed the remaster of the first Gears of War for XboxOne and PC. The XboxOne game launched in August, the PC one still hasn't launched.

So yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.

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PenguinZ said:

I'm not really sure why this matters... People still bought an Xbox One for Titanfall, despite it being cross released at the same time on PC.

No one really buys a console for one game. If Titanfall is what pushed you to buy the console, then it's in addition to other games that you know will be released for the platform later on. For someone who doesn't like gaming on PC, it's insignificant whether or not they're on PC as well. But for those who do, it's important information.