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hershel_layton said:
ratuscafoarterea said:

Just because OP is ignorant when it comes to the matter, doesn’t make you less of an ignorant yourself ….



So kicking people out of a country is worse than murdering millions of innocent civilians?

Problem is, when people compare him to Hitler, they're comparing him to Hitler before he came to power. Hitler didn't start off by killing a load of civilians, but he used the same stupid rhetoric Trump is using now against Muslims (or Mexicans depending on how the winds blowing that day) to get into power. 

There unfortunately are genuine comparisons that can be made to the rhetoric Hitler and the Nazi party used before they got into power. 

And unfortunately Hitler wasn't particularly unique. There have been numerous examples of dictators that have overseen murder, genocide and torture of innocent civilians since Hitler died. The lessons of history haven't been learnt. 

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I agree. Such a comparison shows Hitler in a bad light!


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Not sure if its been posted, but:

I agree, he's more like stalin than hitler.... ;)

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You have to pay attention in history class sometimes.

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any politician can be compared to hitler. he used common tactics to gain support. Just like any politician would. Its what someone does after they have power that matters. And trump isnt campaigning on consolidating power.

Any politician that tries to scape goat minorities and stir up anger/hatred towards in order to gain power deserves to compared to Hitler because that's straight out of the Hitler playbook.

We will when he stops acting like Hitler.

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"Stop comparing Trump to Hitler"

He should stop stealing from Hitler's playbook if you want the comparisons to stop.

hershel_layton said:

For real. I get extremely irritated when some liberals  keep saying things like "Trump is the next Hitler!". As much as I dislike Trump, people blow him out of proportion.


I'm pretty sure kicking out Muslims and Mexicans from our country IS DEFINITELY  not as bad as killing several million people, with 6 million of them being Jews.


For god's sake people. Unless Trump starts murdering millions and causes WW3, don't compare him to Hitler. Almost anyone compared to Hitler is nothing like him. Hitler was Hitler.


No, Muslims did not influence him. No, he was not an atheist(stop using that argument creationists). Also, yes, he was a Catholic. However, that didn't matter! He simply had hatred for Jews, and chose to invade them. HE WAS A TERRIBLE MAN, ONE OF THE WORST TO EXIST. He's unique(not in a good way). Only a few people have been as atrocious as him(or worse). Trump is like a speck compared to him.

Seriously, who else are we going to compare him with nowadays? Bill Gates? Jon Stewart? The Vegan Moslem Barack Obama? Lebron James? Our grandmas?


"Oh look, it's Jimmy. He's probably gonna be the next Hitler. You know he killed 2 deer on purpose during hunting season?"

''My mom is probably Hitler jr. She slapped me just because I called a gay person faggot. Ugh, I won't be surprised if she kills someone for stoning gays. Nazis nowadays".


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You do realise the Hitler didn't campaign on the promis of killing jews, right? The way Trump has been running his campaign is VERY similar to Hitler's rise to power. And no, we probably wouldn't attempt to go as far as Hitler did, but I'll stop comparing trump to hitler when Trump stops acting like Hitler.