Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I have a feeling that Nintendo cancelled Metroid: Federation Force, Project Robot, Project Guard, Lost Reavers (in the West), Genei Ibun Roku (in the West)

We haven't any info about these titles since E3 2015.

Metroid got bad reception.

Nintendo pretends that all "Project" titles not exist.

Genei Ibon Roku bombed hard in Japan. I also can't imagine NoA localization for this "130% weeaboo" game.

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Can't say for sure but if so, they won't be missed by many.

project robot and project guard are better off cancelled. they would have wasted time and effort on two projects that just looked.... extremely horrible. they would be better of developing something worthwhile.

Metroid and Genei Ibon Roku wont get cancelled.

The others.. perhaps.

Project Guard and Project Robot should've been absorbed into Star Fox Zero.

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The "Project" games, I don't think were ever meant to be games.

Genei FE is comming without a doubt.It was featured in many directs and Nintend needs games to launch in the Wii U.Just because it had a bad launch in Japan dosnt mean it wont port over here.They need to fill the gap until NX.
Federation force is also comming.They just wont scrap the project like that.It just probably will have less marketing and even a silent launch of sorts.
Lost Reavers is a maybe.Maybe it will launch, maybe it wont.It was featured in western directs, but i dont know.Depends on how well it was in Japan i guess
And yeah, both project games were probably scrapped.Those i really dont see comming.I didnt even see how they worked as a game to be honest.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Probably moved to NX launch titles.

JK yeah there probably cancelled they looked awful. Just E3 filler.

Project Guard/Giant Robot looked absolutely terrible, so I can't say I'll shed any tears if they've been axed.

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At Treehouse E3 they already said that they just begun localisation on Genei Ibun , so I bet it is nearly finished (since it is still considered as an early 2016 release in the west). The Project-Games are obviously cancelled. Metroid is still a thing.

It is just Nintendos way of work, announcing a title and not talking about it for a long time, no surprise here.